Time to Make 2023 Your Best Year of Singing Yet.

21-Day Challange

Habits are inescapable.  We all have them.  The question is… are your habits desirable?

The Singing Success 21-Day Challenge is your opportunity to build the habits you need to accomplish big things with your singing in 2023. Don’t let another year go by without living up to your potential!

You see, at Singing Success, our students consistently experience life-changing and career-altering vocal breakthroughs. We believe in singers, even when they don’t believe in themselves.

This year’s 21-Day Challenge is your opportunity to discover just what your voice is capable of… when you stick to the right plan. You aren’t destined for mediocrity. You were created for greatness!

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Join master vocal coach Brett Manning as he takes you through his curated 21-Day program.

Starting January 16th, Brett will be taking singers through a transformative process that will set them up to have their best year of singing yet. He will go live on our private VIP Facebook page every morning at 10 AM Central Time to provide the day’s challenges.

Now we know what some of you are thinking, “Brett is a big shot. His challenges will probably be too hard for me.” That couldn’t be further from the truth! 

Brett understands that most singers have other responsibilities and busy lives, so he’s made every daily challenge a “mission possible.” It’s often simple tweaks, applied consistently over time, that make the biggest difference.

This year’s 21-Day Challenge will strengthen you technically, nutritionally, and creatively.


Here’s what to expect:

Vocal Technique Training. Each day, you’ll be given a vocal practice assignment. Some days it’ll be a specific lesson from one of our systematic courses. On other days it will be a handful of exercises/techniques that Brett will explain in his broadcast of the day.  These will be coupled with insider tips to get the most out of your practice routine.

Health and Nutrition Challenges. As Brett loves to say, “if you ain’t healthy, you can’t sing.” Over the decades, he has compiled effective health hacks to improve your mental focus, physical conditioning, and overall energy levels. Through each daily health challenge, you’ll be building a healthier voice, which is crucial if you’re going to experience Singing Success.

The reality is most of us make compromises at the expense of our health. This 21-Day Challenge will give you a reason to get back into fighting shape. Don’t worry; our staff and your peers will be cheering you on along the way! 

Creativity Coaching. Brett will be sharing the approaches he and his music industry colleagues use in songwriting, improvisation, music production, performing, etc. 

Inspiration and Motivation. Just wait until you hear the real stories of singers who have graced the halls of our Nashville studio! From failures to big successes, we’ve seen the Rocky story play out time and time again in the lives of students who were told, “you’ll never be a real singer.”

Q&A Opportunities. During the 21-Day Challenge, you’ll get to submit your questions to Brett about everything singing!

Special Appearances. Brett is calling in favors with his music industry colleagues to bring you some of the top players, from award-winning songwriters to producers, managers, etc. You will not be disappointed!

42-Days to Watch the Broadcasts. We understand that not all of you will be able to watch live, and some of you may have to miss a day because of other responsibilities… we’ve got you covered! After the 21-day challenge ends, you will have another 21 days to go through all of the videos at whatever pace you choose.

Singing Lessons at 20% Off! Want to make sure you’re doing everything right? During the 21-Day Challenge, you could book a lesson with any of our coaches at 20% off their lesson rate. 

Before and After Competition

This year the 21-Day Challenge will include a Before and After Contest. The winner gets their choice of either a songwriting collaboration with Brett or to have him produce you in a professional studio to record a cover song.

The terms of the contest are simple.

  1. Post yourself singing a cover song in the private Facebook page in the designated area. (Under the introductory post).
  2. Post yourself singing the same song at the end of the 21-day challenge.
  3. The singer who shows the most improvement will be chosen as the winner of the contest.

Feel free to email us with any questions about this contest at support@singingsuccess.com.

Sign Up Now!

Special Note! VIP gets it FOR FREE. If you are currently signed up for our VIP Membership, then no additional purchase is required to join the 21-Day Challenge. Just make sure you are a member of our private VIP Facebook page and keep an eye out beginning January 15, when we’ll do our preliminary introduction. 

If you are not currently a VIP Member, we’d strongly encourage you to join, as this will lower the cost of participating in the 21-Day Challenge to $67. To sign up, click here.

21-Day Challenge 2023 for non-vip members


Includes lifetime access to our Singing Success Quick Start Program.

42 days of access to our private VIP Facebook page, where the 21-Day Challenge will be hosted.

21 days of access to all of our systematic vocal training programs.Beginning on January 16.