A Daily Practice to Drive Your Success

It doesn’t matter if you’re a singer, a musician that sings, or a singer-songwriter, you need to stay positive and focused for the long haul.

What may appear to be an overnight success is the result of an interconnected network of long term commitments that includes hard work, discipline, determination, a strong faith, practice, polish, training, and a healthy base of support.

Hang On + Let Go

You must also strike a balance between what you need to hang onto and what you need to reach for. It’s important to show appreciation for your gift by growing and enhancing it as it is consistently engaged and shared.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that can lead to destructive mindsets and behaviors is that sense that you’re getting nowhere. You know the feeling. It comes during those periods where there are no gigs, no cuts; no luck – whatever calls your name to fame in the game is just not there for you to claim.

Stifle Stagnation

During these times, your motivation and inspiration can become a bit of struggle. You must avoid a feeling of stagnation or a sense that you’re not making any progress in the pursuit of your career. This can quickly snowball into an Antarctic stumbling block that will freeze you until you eventually break off and drift away.

As we’ve said many times before, if no progress is perceived there is a tendency to create problems so that you have something to work on. In fact, at its most basic level, creativity is problem solving or finding relief by addressing a need or by providing an outlet for release.

Wonder While Waiting

Again, there will be many static seasons and periods of plateaus where even your dreams and goals may seem impossible. You may even begin to think about giving up or shifting your interests to another aspect of the music business. You may wonder if your singing, songwriting, or playing is simply a hobby. You might start wondering if you’re really any good at all. Don’t freak out if you find yourself facing such thoughts, doubts, and fears. It’s part of the process.

So let’s look at a few options that you can indulge along the way that will counter those negative thoughts, doubts, and fears, will help you keep moving forward with a positive, purposeful focus even when you are facing rejection, heartache, and indifference.

Perfecting Practice

Obviously, practice is critical. Even on those days when you’re certain the best you can manage is a worrisome wheeze, wobble, and whine, some commitment of engagement and celebration is required, even if it’s just a few minutes of gratitude adjustment!

Thank – Sing – Play

Each day, set aside some time to give thanks for your gift. Then, use a favorite song as part of your warm up routine. After you have finished your warm up, make note of something specific in your singing, playing, or songwriting that you want to either work on improving or would like to simply indulge at some point later in the day.

Notes to Follow

After you follow through with whatever you needed to indulge or work on, take a few minutes to make some notes. To help with assessing your activity, ask a few of these questions.

How do I feel now? What expectations did I have that were met, not met, or surpassed? Why did I choose this to work on or indulge? What is it that I like or don’t like about it? How does it move me? How does it impact my singing? In what way does it influence my choice of music or songs I enjoy singing? Is there anything in what I’ve just engaged that can be applied to my singing, playing, or songwriting?

More Questions

Is there something that can be applied to other aspects of the music business, art appreciation, social consciousness, spiritual awakening, or the creative process? Can this somehow be applied to networking? How does this play into issues with image and how I’d like the audience to see me? How can this help me be a better communicator and storyteller?

Forum Fuel

This simple act of daily practice and follow up will give your starving artist something to chew on and draw nourishment. It will keep you moving forward with purpose. To reinforce this daily practice, use the forums here at singingsuccess.tv to share your thoughts and progress with others. Compare notes with at least one positive, supportive person that lives close by. This doesn’t have to be a fellow singer, singing musician, or singing songwriter. But it must be a kindred spirit, someone who has your best interests at heart, and someone who will freely provide feedback as requested or required.

Sparking Dark Spots

This simple daily practice with follow up can be just enough to spark the dark that sometimes creeps in during down times. It can be just enough to poles holes through your impatience so that persistence prevails.

The road to your singing success demands to be driven with a passionate pursuit from each rest stop to every scenic view. Make it a daily practice to enjoy the ride.