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If you want to validate your pursuit of singing success, look for opportunities in your community for using your gifts. Look for ways to feel connected to the community through your singing, songwriting, and playing skills. Look for chances to entertain, encourage, or inspire others not just by gigging out but by being of service in some way.

It may mean joining a local choral group or church choir. Maybe a music teacher at a nearby elementary school needs a little help that you know you have the time and talent to offer. Maybe it’s a senior citizens center, a hospice care facility, an assisted living complex, a children’s camp, or a veteran’s hospital. Perhaps the story time program at the library could use a live musician or singer on occasion, or a local counseling center might need support of some kind for their music therapist’s program. Search for unique ways to use your voice to serve.

Perks + Privileges

These opportunities for engagement with your community can provide chances for you to grow as an artist. Make note of what the people you work with and those you serve respond to. Solicit feedback. Find out what they like about your voice or the songs you sing. Let their interests and needs trigger ideas for new songs to sing, write, or play.

By using your gifts to get involved in your community you reinforce a sense of purpose and value outside of how much money you’re making, how many tickets your selling, or how many hits or downloads you’re racking up.

That’s not to say that the numbers don’t matter. In fact, they’re critical for sustaining your singing success as the key resource for making a living. But the experience of celebrating your gifts through serving the community can honor, refine, and enrich who you are as an artist. It will help shape, define, and ennoble what you bring to life’s table that adds flavor, spice, refreshment, and nourishment.

Keep Your Perspective

However, don’t lose sight of the fact that you are a professional. You don’t want to become so committed in the service role that you convey a sense that you shouldn’t be paid or don’t want to make a living from your singing success.

Your role in serving your community is to provide an outlet for performance. It gives you a place to try new material, get valuable feedback, feel good about what you do, and get more live performance time under your belt in a variety of unique settings and sometimes challenging circumstances.

Service to your community through your singing, songwriting, or playing music can also provide you with a deep well of resources to pull from. You may find fun, interesting, or moving stories that inspire. You’ll feel connected, supported, and appreciated. You’ll encounter many people that will either boost your spirits or help you put hard times in perspective as you witness the challenges they face, deal with, and rise above.

Level Your Commitment

Remember that it’s up to you to determine the level of commitment that you can make. Don’t get yourself overextended. Be clear on your personal objectives in service through engaging your unique gift as a singer, singer-songwriter, or singing musician.

Before you make your commitment, conduct a little self-check to make sure your heart is in the right place and your objectives are clear, positive, and honorable. Ask yourself a few questions to help assess and affirm your motives. What do I hope to accomplish? How will it help those I work with? How will this impact those I will be singing for? What difference can I make? What difference can this experience make for me as a singer, singer-songwriter, or singing musician?

Pull From Your Peers

You might even look into getting a group of your peers together to sing for a specific cause or need or facility that’s critical to your community. You might pull them together for one special night or afternoon performance. This singing for a special cause, issue, or facility, is something that can be reinforced and referenced in your paying gigs and through networking opportunities in the music business. It says a lot about your character, what you stand for, and can attract people that may be interested in advancing your career in part because of a shared interest in helping others.

Maybe your peers don’t feel like singing but have other skills and gifts they can use to be of service to those you encourage and entertain. Be creative and encouraging in finding ways to get others involved.

Make Connections

In the course of your community service, find at least three people you can personally encourage. Become a big sister, big brother, or mentor to these individuals as you learn about their passions, challenges, dreams, and successes. Find out what moves them when they listen to music. Ask about their favorite songs, singers, and musical genres.

Sing for these three individuals specifically at some point in your community service. Find specific ways to encourage them, and thank each of them for the unique impact they have on you that makes sharing your gift worthwhile.

Show Up + Support

Build connections within the music business community. Show support for your fellow singers, singer-songwriters, singing musicians, and musical theatre performers. Support your local arts on all levels, from schools and community centers to galleries, museums, book stores, coffee houses, theatres – get plugged into what lights up the heart of the arts. Be a part of what inspires, encourages, and enriches the arts in your community.

As always, share your ideas and experiences with the community through the forums. Weave a web of wonder and delight as you tug on and pull from the various informative threads.

Target at least one person in the forums to encourage that you don’t know. Ask about their needs, concerns, doubts, and dreams – then make the commitment to be there for support, insight, and encouragement.

Invest in at least one product every three months to keep your voice operating at its fullest potential. Make a daily commitment to use each product as designed, and make note of its impact on your confidence, comfort, and creativity.

The more you give, the more you receive. The more you receive, the more you have to give back. By making a daily commitment to serve the greater community with your uniquely gifted voice, you are traveling first class in the pursuit of your singing success.




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