A Lasting Appeal Beyond Instant Gratification

This may or may not come as a surprise, but we live in a culture that is driven to a growing degree by quick fixes and instant gratification. This is a reality that has to be acknowledged and dealt with if you want to achieve the full measure of your singing success.

One of the biggest challenges comes with your growth and development as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or performer. The disciplined skills that must be mastered, the artistry that must be enhanced, the image that must be defined, the stamina that must be cultivated, and the following that must be generated – it all requires time, patience, resilience, and perseverance.

Dismissed Or Compromised

Because we are now at the mercy of quick fixes and instant gratification, we often give up on things too quickly because it doesn’t feel right or work the way we thought it would – well, not right away. On the other hand, we may be too quick to accept things as being good enough or appropriate or beneficial when we could and should raise our standards.

Timeless Lines

There are a couple of important things to remember here so that you keep going and growing as you commit to a career as an entertainer in the music business. One, you must understand that the process of developing each of your gifts to its greatest potential is ongoing. The pursuit of strengthening and maintaining a viable, successful career is also ongoing.

Tastes Shift

Your commitment to your craft and the lifeline of your career are part of a time continuum as things leap and lunge then creep and crawl and then come to a standstill or even backslide. The career is subject to shifts in musical tastes and the public’s perception of you as an artist. The economy impacts sales and opportunities to perform, as well as profit margins. Advances in technology impact delivery of product and quality and movement in the market.

You Change

Your artistry is subject to shifts from quality of self-care, changes you make in your look, sound, or appeal either stylistically or physically, and shifts can come because of demands to line up with market trends or socioeconomic pressures.

Feed The Needs

Remember that whether your audience uses music to check out, escape, and dream or to validate, connect, and relate, the need for each is the quick fix. It’s their appeal that is begging, weeping, or screaming: I want what I want when I want it! So, in order to answer their appeal and keep them coming back to you for more, you must be fully prepared, at the top of your game, and ahead of the curve.

Hanging In

To answer that instantly gratify me appeal, it requires an ongoing timeless commitment, discipline, and patience for you as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or performer. So the challenge becomes hanging in there, not giving up, and not burning out while engaging your fullest and highest to serve and please your audience.

Change Instantly Demands Over Time

Remember that whenever you make a change in your approach, your image, choice or style of music, it will take time for it to generate the results you are seeking. There is a period of adjustment for you as an artist. You need to get comfortable and confident so that you’re able to move from hitting your stride to that higher ride of soaring and gliding. If you’ve stumbled, had an accident or illness, experience a change in support personnel – these all require time to process, assimilate, take to heart. If the market changes; don’t panic, and don’t stop doing what works for you and your audience.

Quick Fixes Are Temporary

As the market shifts, it should be acknowledged, but it might also be a temporary fad, something that is more of a novelty as far as taste goes or a hiccup as far as the economy is concerned. Quick fixes can be fickle. They don’t always work. They distract or even make things worse.

Build On Your Strengths

So, don’t throw away or discount your strong points, but don’t entirely ignore changes, shifts, and trends. Look into them and see if there is a song or two that you have that can play to it, or if there is something in your production values and process that can be tweaked or upgraded to accommodate it in some way. But don’t blindly switch gears. You’ll likely trip and fall or slip and slide off track.

Grounded + Open To Change

The bottom line is to hold steady, hang tough, and stay open to change. The only way you do this is through a daily commitment to nurturing and perfecting your gifts, your craft, your artistry, and honorably serving to nourish your heart, mind, body, and soul. Be true to yourself and process change through what’s true to your unique gifts.

Talk About Change

Use the www.SingingSuccess.TV forums to talk about any changes you’re thinking of making or to share the impact that changes have had on you as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, performer, teacher, student, actor, or fan. Some of the most common changes you’ve faced or will face might be from the economy, social concepts, technology, the music industry, peer pressure, the arts, teaching, religion, faith, or self-image.

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Commit For The Long Run

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