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For way too many people there is still a tendency to view life as a series of limits. I still hear people say things like they’ll never be taken seriously because they live in the sticks or they’ll never be noticed in a huge urban area because the numbers are working against them.

This sort of thinking is obviously not productive and will ultimately lead to shutting down or keeping your gifts locked up until they eventually starve and shrivel from neglect. Yet, if you have real talent, and the desire to grow and learn and make a difference, you clearly have hope and promise. And, if you absolutely refuse to give up and remain adaptable, you certainly stand a better chance at success.

A Driven Heart

So, it’s not where you are from on the map that determines your potential for success. As hokey as it sounds, it’s where you come from in your heart, and where and how that drives you that will determine your success.

I live in the rural outskirts of Nashville in a part of the country that seems far removed from the buzzing, bright, big city lights and glitz and glamour so often associated with the music industry.

Dream Boundary-Free

Yet dreams of turning on lights in others with a catchy tune, healing hearts with some powerfully prescribed words set to a magical melody, or lighting wildfires of pyrotechnic protest or praise are sparked and stirred on a daily basis all over the globe from the most remote corners of long stretches off the beaten path to smack dab densely packed centers of culture clamor.

That’s a somewhat pretentious way of saying: wherever you are, wherever you’re from, wherever you feel planted or stuck, or wherever you’re headed, you will have dreams – hopefully. Let your heart’s desire spark those dreams. It’s important to engage them, encourage them, test them, feed them, chase them, and embrace them.

The Web Untangles

There was a time when many dreams were abandoned because of physical boundaries such as location or perceived cultural, ethnic, or ideological boundaries and so forth. These were seen as walls or fences that could not be scaled. But with the advent of the Internet and related resources and global perspectives things have changed. And, one of the biggest benefits of our technological age is the awesome range of opportunity that now exists for connection and communication. The Internet provides a number of venues for showcasing, for networking, for information.

The forums here at can be used as a power source for networking, for encouragement, for information, and for feedback. By sharing your struggles, stumbling, and your successes you can trigger ideas for others, as well as fresh perspectives on challenges and chances for much needed change. You can also can gain some insight that just might prompt that extra push or spark you needed to take that next important step in the pursuit of your singing success.

Gleefully Engaged

I recently had the chance to catch an actor from the cast of Fox-TV’s popular series, Glee, at a benefit concert in Nashville. His name is Bill A. Jones and he has a recurring guest role as Rod Remington.

Bill grew up in that rural county where I live on the outskirts of Nashville. He lived there at a time when the dream of becoming an actor or singer or voice talent was viewed as something foreign or far-fetched at best, by many, if not most of the residents. Yet Bill persisted and pursued his dream, gaining his initial foothold as a radio personality in the Nashville market before he decided to pick up and move to L.A.

His high school drama teacher, Joyce Mayo, said that Bill wanted to test the waters in California while he was still young and not be regretting never have tried at the age of 50.

Internet Accessible

His 90-minute performance of Frank Sinatra hits, swing tunes, Broadway numbers, and nostalgic Big Band songs was nothing short of amazing. I remember thinking how amazing it is that he came from this rural region and grew into an internationally successful actor, singer, and voice talent because of the pursuit of his heart’s desire. He understands that the heart breaks in the pursuit of big dreams so that it grows bigger in order to accommodate the success that comes. He readily admits that the Internet has played a huge role in helping spread the good news about Glee, affording him more opportunities to engage his love of singing.

At one point in his performance he recounted the win for Glee at the Golden Globe Awards, thanking high school music teachers and arts programs for their part in encouraging, sparking, and growing the dreams of young people.

Dedicated Support

And so it goes with the master plans of Brett Manning, his certified vocal coaches, as well as the teaching tools and other resources available here at, from the forums and video clips to the proven products that are designed to fine-tune your instrument.

No matter where you’re coming from is here to help you to grow your unique voice to its greatest potential, as you turn each of your biggest, seemingly impossible dreams into the strides and struts that strengthen the full measure of your singing success.

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