A One-Stop Solution for Singing Success

So, you’ve made great strides through the programs offered by Brett Manning. You’ve faithfully committed to a regular routine, but you seem to have hit a wall. Maybe you’re frustrated because you’re not achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself as quickly as you’d like.

First of all, relax and stop beating yourself up. You’ll only create problems or challenges that might send you stumbling into discouragement or self-destructive behaviors and practices. So, the number one first step to take is: give yourself a break!

Part Of The Process

It’s quite common for many that singers of all levels of experience to get so excited about the positive results that are quickly generated by Singing Success, Mastering Mix, and their related support tools that a natural period of adjustment such as a plateau seems to somehow be negative, discouraging or worrisome. It needn’t be. It’s simply a natural part of the growing process.

Your initial exposure to Brett’s programs is like growth spurts you experience in your physical development as an adolescent. They’re also like those light bulb moments you have or had in school where you finally got something that you’d struggled with for sometime.

Part Of Your Progress

These times in your life of accelerated development or awareness are exhilarating. Then, once they stop or aren’t as dramatic, there can be a feeling such as a letdown, like you’re not getting anywhere.

Think of your adolescence and how many times you bounced off of the walls because you lacked direction or stimulation or simply couldn’t focus. So, understand that feelings of frustration are normal. They will come when your goals aren’t being reached as quickly as you’d like or the gigs and session work isn’t happening as fast and frequently as you desire.

Because you want to make progress, you need to shift your focus to other areas you’d like to develop. This will keep you moving forward while avoiding a negative mindset or destructive behaviors.

Steps To Success

Let’s say you’re frustrated because your mix needs more work or maybe you want to add an extra four notes to your range and that’s just not happening. This sort of thing can get you stuck. To avoid staying stuck, what you need to do is move forward in some way.

So, if it’s your mix that you want to strengthen, find some songs that you have a passionate desire to sing once you are comfortably in your mix. This will help to keep your imagination and heart focused on progress you are striving for through your lessons and practice. You could even do research on singers that you admire that have a strong mix as part of their signature sound.

Forward Motion

The same approach applies to someone looking to extend their range. Research the artists that have successfully strengthened and expanded their range over the course of their careers. Find out if there is any information on challenges they faced and tools they used to grow more confident in their pursuit of expanding their range. And you can also create a catalogue of songs that you fully intend to add to your song set once you extend your range by those additional four or however many notes.

Maybe you’re bummed because the gigs aren’t coming. Maybe that happened because you had a falling out with an accompanist or your band broke up. Maybe you’re a singer-songwriter that is thinking about exploring a different genre and wants to find new partners to help make that new, fresh transition.

Never Alone

One of the most common issues that can frustrate singers, singer-songwriters, performers, and artists in general, is a feeling of being alone or isolated. That is made even worse because you don’t have information you know you need. The problem is often one of not knowing where to turn.

Wouldn’t it be great if some sort of one-stop site existed where you could get information you need to help you address specific challenges and needs as a singer? Wouldn’t it be incredible if that site provided the opportunity to share ideas and get valuable feedback from others struggling with the same issues as you? Imagine being able to find someone that has successfully met a challenge that you feel is impossible for you to get past.

Booking It

What if that very same site offered you direct access to experienced, gifted, vocal coaches? Suppose those coaches were Brett Manning certified associates? Imagine this one-stop site offering you the opportunity to book sessions either in-person or via Skype?

Wouldn’t that be like a dream come true on countless levels – artistically, socially, creatively, and even – practically? Does it sound too good to be true — like it might be one more thing to get you instantly excited and pumped only to leave you crawling through a letdown or plateau while you hit another wall?

Tune In Next Week

Buckle your seatbelts and get ready to drive the scenic route to your singing success. It all starts next week on Monday, August 2, 2010. Prepare to get pumped and stay fueled in pursuit of your dream! Introducing… SingingSuccess.TV

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