A Positive Spin For Daily Practice

There is a tendency for many singers to focus so much on shortcomings, weak areas, disappointments, missteps, and pitfalls that they fail to acknowledge genuine strengths, engaging qualities, and unique abilities that are the foundational defining factors of their gift.

There is a tendency to study the shadows while turning a blind eye to the light, often overlooking or even neglecting those rich colors, raw textures, quirky expressions, and interesting shapes that are vital to making one marketable.

Sadly, there is so much and time and attention given to negatives that it can begin to eat away at or distort the perceived value of those unique qualities that define your voice, your image, your personality – your talent.

Daily Doses

Each day it is critical to spend twenty minutes to a full hour reviewing, honoring, and celebrating those qualities that are most frequently recognized and noted as your strengths. But sadly, if asked, many people could not even provide a handful of positive points in their singer-performer profile.

Note The Quotes

So, to get started on engaging your daily practice of at least acknowledging the strengths of your unique gift, set aside some time to make note of the compliments you most commonly hear. Write these down, and then add to them the things that you appreciate about your gift.

Take into consideration everything from your physical look to vocal range, from your interpretive skills and intellect to your communication skills and audience rapport, from live performance habits to daily workout routines.

Nix The Negativity

But remember, ditch the negatives. The goal here is to note the things you appreciate. It doesn’t necessarily mean these things have been perfected. These are traits, qualities, habits and so on that you feel are a vital part of what defines you as a singer, singer-songwriter, or singing musician.

Your Chosen Three

Before finalizing your list, ask at least three people whose opinion is important to rattle off their list of your strengths and positive points. Then, look at their list and add any new additions. Do not pull any items from your list because they weren’t cited by these three trusted resources.

Activate + Celebrate

Once you have your list, it is to be reviewed each day for at least twenty minutes to an hour. You are to go through the list, giving thanks for these qualities. You can record the items and play it for you to listen to while going for a walk. You can read through the list while listening to your favorite music or while indulging a treasured treat or meal. You might try taking the list with you to your favorite coffee house, bookstore, park, or restaurant.

The goal is to reinforce these positives on a daily basis. You’re simply touching base with what you know to be keys to your potential for success. It’s important to honor these and reinforce them so that negatives do not tear you down.

Booster Shots For Success

These positives can also be used to help make any necessary changes and adjustments, and they help boost your confidence and comfort levels when you face a plateau, a desert season, a personal challenge, or even an illness. It gives you a shot to boost your spirits and avoid falling into any negative patterns.

You can focus on specific positives to celebrate from time to time. Find songs that appeal to specifics on your list or some songs to honor these qualities. You want this time to always serve to celebrate, honor, and show gratitude for your unique voice.

Unsnap Judgments

The problem with negatives is that they tend to have far more perceived power than positives. Think about this: if you receive twenty compliments after a performance and one negative comment, what’s the one thing you remember? It’s usually the negative. Even if it’s far from being founded it will likely get to you.

There’s also a tendency for people to make snap judgments that instantly reject or dismiss any value. We’re also trained to be critical rather than appreciative. So, it’s important to prime the pump that will fuel your need to be nurtured and your responsibility to acknowledge the positives in others.

Process Progress

This is not to say that you should not commit to making adjustments, enhancements, and improvements. This is not to say that you won’t make mistakes or have a bad performance or even a season of shortcomings. What tends to happen is that the strengths and positives are either overlooked or taken for granted. The goal is to keep these actively appreciated day by day so that the process of recovery goes as smoothly as possible as you proceed to progress.

Tools + Perks

Take advantage of the singingsuccess.tv forums to share your positive points and any shifts in attitude, gratitude, and overall sense of well being that has been generated by this practice. Use the resources and products to celebrate and further strengthen your positive points and address any areas that need extra attention.

By recognizing and celebrating the positives you will remain much more resilient, confident, and open to opportunities that will engage the supreme promise and uniquely positive power of your singing success.




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