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The last thing any singer wants to hear is…. “You have nodules.” These are rough calluses on your vocal cords that hinder the allowance of cord closure. Worst thing ever!!!!!

Trust me, I had them years ago! And I had my panic moment where I thought my world was ending!! (FREAK OUT!!!!) I was then signed and recording my record and then…. BAM! The frustrations and emotions were crazy! But!!!!! This is an easy (with time) fix.

There is correct diet that plays into helping your cords heel. Sleep and breathing habits also make a big difference. And the main one? Correct technique and zipping the vocal cords up without strain or pressure!

If you have ever dealt with nodules or perhaps a hoarse voice, come chat with me, and I’ll be happy to reassure you in the heeling process and show you how to fully restore your voice! Keep up the amazing work! Proud of all of you!!!- KT

To book a lesson with Katie Scherrer, contact [email protected] or 615-866-1099.

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