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There is a simple practice to engage on a daily basis that is often included in self-help hooks, devotionals, sales training materials, customer service edicts, as well as health and fitness programs. It involves a seemingly mysterious connection between asking and receiving and a period of rest that separates the two.

Each puts its own spin on the concept, but the basic principle is the same. In her fascinating book, The Artist’s Way, author Julia Cameron advises writers to go to bed asking questions, and then to seek the answers upon rising. The practice is just one of many areas of focus offered in her daily process of discovering and recovering the creative self.

Dream About It

Many tools for sales training and general self-improvement advise using the time just before you go to bed to map out key goals for the next day. It gives you a track to run on when you wake up; but something else happens that’s a bit mysterious and very exciting. It also gives you time to sleep on it, dream about it, and let your problem-solving self do a little creative rumination.

Three Goals

So for the month, set aside some time at the end of each day to map out three goals to be accomplished by the same time the next day. Then, just before you go to bed, review your list of goals and ask the following question: how can achieving these goals impact the pursuit of my career as singer, singer-songwriter or singing-musician?

Sleep On It

Let your goals be three things that are pressing in or are begging for your attention. You want these to be things that you know you need to take care of so you can move on to the next step, next level, or simply free up more time for singing, writing, or exploring new ideas. Set your goals, review them, and sleep on it.

Awaken Expectation

When you arise the next morning, wake up fully expecting to not only accomplish your three goals but experience one affirming indicator of a direct relationship between the goal and your career.

For example, one of your key goals might have been to get your car fixed. While you’re getting that taken care of, you bump into a venue owner, songwriter, or another contact in the music industry or a creative resource that opens a door of opportunity or offers the chance to network.

Look For Connections

As strange as this may sound, this apparent phenomenon will begin to happen much more frequently than you ever imagined. This happens in part because you are open and aware of the possibility. It really is an exercise in fine tuning your senses to be more receptive.

Do this exercise for one full month. Make note of the connection between meeting these three goals and any doors of opportunity that opened that clearly have an impact on or connection to advancing your career in some way.

You can stretch to make the connections at first. But the more you become open to opportunities to enhance and advance your singing success, the more you will discover along the way.

Some connections may not apparent at first but the light will go on when thinking back at some point down the road. So, be prepared for a few sweet surprises.

Clear The Clutter

To help you with your goal setting, look for things to include on your list that you know you’ve put off or neglected. Look around for any clutter you need to get rid off – areas that need shoring up, improvements, or complete makeovers should become a part of your daily goals.

Make note of shifts in perspective as you start to notice things that you need to take care of, let go of, or move past that have served to delay or deny your progress and potential success.


What’s interesting about creative endeavor is the problem-solving element. If you are not fueling your creativity as part of your career pursuit, you will start to generate problems for your creative self to tackle.

Singing Success-TV

Share your progress with others at Singing Success-TV and not the surprising opportunities to advance your career in some way that come about as you’re meeting your three daily goals, especially when the goal seems to not be directly related to your career.

Look at the things that seem to be your biggest stumbling blocks. Set goals to clear the clutter and watch how quickly things begin to fall in place in terms of the pursuit of your singing success.

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