A Trip to Virginia…

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Chantilly, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC to work with the worship team of a local church. I was invited to teach a vocal seminar as well as many private lessons to their 35 member worship team at Grace Covenant Church.

If you know me, you’d know that this is one of my favorite things about my job! I love one-on-one lessons at our studio here in Nashville, but the times that I get to move outside the studio walls to someone else’s environment are so invigorating as a teacher. There is something incredible about getting into someone’s environment and letting them have the “home team advantage” to see what comes out of people naturally. Usually, people are most confident in their most comfortable setting, and as a teacher that is when I see the best representation of people’s gifts and needs.

Grace Covenant is a church FULL of incredibly talented and supremely teachable singers and musicians. I was blown away more than anything by the caliber of commitment to excellence by this group. It’s not often that I come across church worship teams filled with so many people so eager to be better who are NOT pursuing a career in music! These amazing people were so eager to learn and pay the price necessary to be better, all for the sole purpose of making their church worship team better as a whole. The sense of unity was strong and the work ethic even stronger!

I love my students, but rarely do I come across people who are willing to refine their craft to the extent that these non-professional singers showed me. And if you will allow me to get on my soap box for just 2 seconds, I will.

WHERE IS THE DRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE??????? The music industry today is filled with singers, not artists, and these singers are content to let a label or producer fill the void of artistry or discipline in their lives with hot beats, auto-tune, and soft-pornographic costumes. I’m so sick of it. That’s not art. It’s LAZY.

Can we please do a critical examination of ourselves and see if there is any level of healthy discontent with status quo? PLEASE? Will the real artist please stand up!?

Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, and I’m thankful that I know plenty of them, but it’s time for the exception to be the lazy, and the rule to be the excellence.

Where do you fall?

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