The vocal methodology contained in the Singing Success 360 program is the unique result of 25 years of teaching and research by professional vocal coach Brett Manning.

Brett Manning formulated all of his newest and best vocal techniques into a system of exercises that will fast track your vocal development and produce optimum results. SS 360 is the most extensive vocal training program available to singers of all levels.

In an effort to meet the growing popularity and worldwide demand for his method, Brett has trained a select team of associate coaches to carry on his technique to the world. Brett’s associate coaches spend hundreds of hours learning and observing.

When taking lessons from a certified Brett Manning associate, you know you are getting quality teaching from a professional vocal instructor who has met the stringent standards required to attain Brett’s personal certification.

Our studio is located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee on Music Row neighboring massive publishing companies and iconic recording studios. All of our coaches, including Brett, teach students in person or over Skype providing some of the best vocal coaching available in the world.