Allergy Season!

I know we have talked about getting sick in the winter and what to do to help the process along, but I want to share a few tips for allergies. Honestly, allergies should be treated just a little bit differently than the common cold/flu virus. I like to go “au natural” for this stuff. Here are some helpful remedies!

Neti Pot- Yes, the one repeat of things I’ve shared before. But guess what? It still matters, maybe even more! It is pollen season and one of the biggest reasons people get sick is because pollen and springtime allergens get lodged up in your nasal cavities, which causes mucus to develop. The mucus, ironically, is trying to help, but when it builds up it becomes prone to creating infection, so flush it out!

Liquid Tumeric- This stuff is beyond amazing. You can get it at most health food stores. Google it. Tumeric is a powerful and potent anti-inflammatory. It has great de-swelling effects in your nasal cavity and your cords as well (I take some every day for my voice, regardless of allergies). It’s super good for your whole body and can aid that pesky acid reflux that plagues many singers.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Ok, I’m not going to lie….this stuff is NASTY. I drank a tablespoon this morning, straight up, and almost tossed my cookies. But it’s great for thinning out your mucus and getting it all out of there. Again, Google it. I do not lie. Some people take a little bit every day. It’s not for the faint of heart, though.

Oil of Oregano- Put several drops of this oil in some water and chug it, or if you are feeling brave, drop it under your tongue and see how long you can keep it there while it burns with the fire of 1,000 suns. This is wonderful for seasonal allergies. Like the tumeric, you can buy this at health food stores. It benefits your respiratory system, strengthens your immune system, and- bonus – your digestive system.

Local Honey- Go to your local farmer’s market or nice grocery store and you’ll probably find this. Honey derived from your local environment helps you build up a specific immunity to your area’s particular allergies. Plus it’s way yummy! Win!

Ok, so go hook yourself up! Get out of your allergy funk and get back in the game!

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