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Benny Meza

Do I Sound Good When I Sing?

Ever wonder, “do I sound good when I sing?” Many singers find it hard to answer this simple question. Use the Three T’s to find out!

The Voice-Type Curse

Every day, the voice-type line of thinking ruins the vocal development of singers everywhere. This concept can be a real curse, bringing misfortune to all …

How to Sing Challenging Songs in 7 Steps

Every singer encounters songs that they can’t sing. Here are 7 steps to teach you how to sing challenging songs!

6 Steps to Increase Your Vocal Range

Great singers make high notes look easy, but without training they’re often impossible to sing. Use these steps to increase your vocal range!

Top 5 Vocal Warm-Up Mistakes

Did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way of warming up the voice? Make sure you’re not making these Top 5 vocal warm-up mistakes.

Hydrogen Peroxide

As a vocal coach, I am constantly battling vocal fatigue due to the daily stress I place on my voice. Typically, I am able to …