Band Aides For The Singer’s Soul

We get a lot of questions from those of you who are either in bands or are looking to get one started. There are several websites that offer input on some of the biggest challenges that are faced in bringing a band to life and keeping it thriving.

One of the biggest challenges with getting a band together is getting commitment from each member and putting together a workable rehearsal schedule that works for everybody. Many times groups start out with a lot of enthusiasm but that begins to wear off dramatically when the gigs aren’t exactly pouring in.

Schedules For Success

There are two sites that have great info for setting schedules and specific goals for keeping your band together and growing stronger. To help with charting your course for rehearsal success, visit Also check out how-to-rehearse-effectively-with-a-rock-band for more tips on hanging tough in the battle of the bands.

When It’s Time To Regroup

Talk to almost any member of a successful band, and they’ll tell you that the road from the garage or backyard to Wembley Arena, Bonnaroo and beyond has been traveled by many faces and voices that are not longer a part of the current mix.

Let’s face it, when you’re in a band stuff happens. Maybe your lead guitar player gets road gig with a huge up-and-coming artist or maybe your bass player that sings back up has started booking session work for baking vocals and likes the money and steady work.

Sometimes the chemistry isn’t right or personalities clash. Sometimes everybody starts going in different directions stylistically or they literally move away.

If you’re in a band always have a plan in place for regrouping should, as the numbers tell us, you lose a member or two or should your band decide to go in a new direction. The following site offers some simple sound tips for handling situations when a band member is replaced. To help create your emergency recovery band, check out Replace-Members-in-Your-Rock-and-Roll-Band.

A Wealth Of Forums

The Chicago-based organization provides valuable information that applies for any artist regardless of regional orientation. A variety of forums are available on site. Topics include songwriting, marking, legal issues, working with venues, booking gigs, image, getting press, and building your fan base, just to name a few.

The site gives tons of business-related information that will help you be better prepared for navigating a lot of potentially devastating pitfalls on your road to singing success. Its Board of Advisors includes producers, educators, composers, recording artists, media personnel, and others will a proven track record in the music business.

Visit for more information.

Mastering Mix And More

Singing Success and Mastering Mix are both exciting programs that if adhered to as instructed will make you a stronger, more complete performer. The confidence you gain will spill over into areas of your life outside of the recording studio, the live gigs, and rehearsal time. It’s a part of the total package that helps to frame and focus your passion and pursuit of a place to call home in the world of music.

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