Bend And Stretch For Your Big Break

We’re about to embark upon something that truly bites, but is necessary when it comes to charting a course for your success. It’s the dreaded task of setting goals. But we’re going to keep this fairly simple to begin with so that you can dig deeper and push harder as you make progress in meeting these goals. Start by choosing two or three of the following goals.

Panning For Goals

I want to have a stronger voice.
I want my image to make a statement.
I want to get physically fit.
I want to get better at networking.
I want to become more comfortable with marketing myself.

Be Specific

Next take each goal you’ve chosen and make it more personal and specific. For example, “I want to have a stronger voice” could become “I will increase my range by an octave.” Another example, would be the goal “I want my image to make a statement.” That might become something like, “I want to project the power of cultural diversity” or “I want to my image to remind people that we all serve a higher power” or “I want my image to make people relax, shake off the daily bull, and get real.” You want your goal to ring true personally for you so that you’ll be more likely to have a real impact in relating to your audience.

As you look at your goals ask questions such as “in what way” or “what should I focus on first” to help you personalize each goal and make it more specific. Like, “in what way do I want to get physically fit” or “what should I focus on to get better at networking.” In the case of networking, if you’re really shy, it might mean finding an outgoing friend to do the legwork for you.

For each goal, keep playing with it until it clearly states what you want to achieve in that area that will advance your career. Then, write down one thing you can get started on right away toward making each of your specific personalized goals come to life.

Next, consider the following question for each of your goals: In what ways am I willing to bend, stretch, or break in this area to make it as a performer (singer, singer-songwriter, musical theatre artist, etc)?

Build On Your Progress

Having that flexibility and willingness to build on or refine will keep you fresh, alive, and constantly growing as an artist, talent, voice, and performer. Of course you don’t want to set goals and make plans and become the world’s greatest procrastinator. To avoid become a “never was” not even as a “has been,” goals mean diddlysquat unless you take action to meet them and then set higher, tougher, greater goals.

This exercise is designed to get you started taking those first critical steps that will lead you to the light, shape, color, and tone that is your unique voice and talent. We will visit this concept in the future to check progress, share ideas, and success stories.

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