Bounce Back For Pay Back

Even the most gifted, well-trained singer, singer-songwriter, and singing musician will stumble, fall short, or feel overlooked on the road to their singing success. Even if he or she has a well thought out plan for success in place that is being faithfully followed, disappointments will come. And, there may be many.

One key that is critical to determining your fate and staying power in your career pursuit is your ability to bounce back. You want to be able to successfully pick up, process, regroup, refocus, and get going again, with a renewed sense of purpose and power. As cliché as it may sound, your ability to recover and bounce back with greater resolve, is a huge factor in determining your potential for lasting success.

The following are three key areas to develop and maintain that will help you avoid injury when you stumble or fall short. In fact, it will help you keep things in perspective as you become stronger and more resilient.

Come Passion

The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up. Negative self-talk and punishing behaviors are abusive and can ultimately destroy or permanently maim the most vital components of your gifts.

It can shut you down to the point that singing, songwriting, or playing music becomes a chore, or it’s viewed as a burden or nuisance. These gifts that have been a tool for survival or even revival can suddenly be seen as a reminder of something you can’t do or feel you can’t do very well. Suddenly, your gift seems to no longer be a resource for living a life of purpose, service, and sharing a gift you love.

You must remain kind and compassionate toward yourself and toward those that care about you. This doesn’t mean that you need to be constantly coddled, cuddled, and patted on the back. But it does mean that you must respect yourself and honor your gifts with a commitment to engage behaviors and practices that serve to nurture and strengthen your gifts.

So, when you fall short, forgive yourself, and be prepared to step up as you move on.

Supportive Resources

You must also have supportive, compassionate resources in your friends and in those safe havens you find along the way that become places of refueling, retooling, and refreshment. The forums at Singing Success-TV can provide a deep supportive well for refreshment and refinement. So, take advantage of this tremendous resource. Share your challenges and stumbling with others, and find out what others do to bounce back stronger.

Assess + Redress

So, when you fall short or face disappointment, resist the urge to kick yourself or beat yourself down. Remember to show compassion. So, cut yourself some slack. Congratulate yourself for the effort, and assess the situation to see what you can learn that will make you better prepared and more resilient. Look for at least one piece of valuable information to take to heart that will make you stronger. This is vital to your survival and arrival in affirming your gifts. It will help to keep you positive as you move closer to realizing your dreams as a singer, singer-songwriter, or singing musician.

Toughen Up

In addition to being compassionate, it’s also important to toughen up. When you are rooted in compassion and care for your gifts, then you have the right mindset for disciplining yourself. Otherwise, becoming a task master and working harder can quickly turn into punishment and can act as an extension of simply beating yourself up. It can eventually lead to a complete shut down where you then abandon your gift and dream.

When you have fallen short or have been disappointed by opportunities that fell through or didn’t work out as planned, it’s important to see if the outcome is related to a weakness or shortcoming that needs to be addressed. In some cases, the goal may not have been realistic or was a long shot at best. So you need to be realistic in assessing the situation so that you can learn from it, put it in perspective, and address any areas that need work.

In looking for what needs to be improved, ask yourself a few questions. Where did I feel shaky going into the audition, performance, interview, or situation? What impact did this have on the outcome? What do I need to do to fix this? Who do I know that has been through a similar situation?

Face Fears

It’s also important to note any recurrent comments you hear that might indicate a tendency to self-sabotage. Maybe you’ve been told several times from several people about certain habits on stage or issues with material that you don’t do anything about. Take into consideration any advice you’re given along the way that you don’t like or don’t agree with. Look at your reasoning, and see if it’s an issue of not making a change or adjustment because of something you fear, or because it seems too hard to address, or it’s something you don’t quite understand. Once you’ve identified the underlying emotion; then take the appropriate action to address it. Talk to someone you know who has successfully tackled the issue you need to address.

Don’t Fight Feedback

You want to gather information and tap reliable resources that will help you become more disciplined, better prepared, wiser, and more focused. In fact, after any situation where you have stumbled, always get feedback from any decision makers, trusted experts, or audience members to help gauge what worked and what needs work.

Once again, your goal is to be better prepared as you bounce back with increased confidence, more knowledge, a stronger focus, and a greater determination to succeed. There is much truth in the phrase: when the going gets tough or rough, the tough get going. Self-discipline, coupled with the assimilation of valuable information learned from mistakes and overcoming obstacles, are critical to securing your success.

A Playful Workspace

Aside from being kinder and tougher, you need to have fun. So it’s key to define a playful workspace for yourself. You want to keep the childlike wonder alive in your creative pursuits. So, look for ways to make your workspace fun, inviting, stimulating, and encouraging.

If it requires goofy wall art, bright colors, flashing lights – go ahead and add those touches. If you need items of sentimental value to stimulate your emotions or to remind you of good times or loved ones that believe in you – go ahead and create a showcase of motivational memorabilia.

Stimulate + Inspire

You want your workplace to be stimulating and inspiring. You want sensory touches – things to taste, touch, smell, look at, listen to – that are readily available to help you celebrate as you create. You want that feeling of having the freedom to engage and explore all aspects of your instrument. Oddly enough, the more playfully inviting your workspace is, the better your ability to get focused, stay the course, and take care of business.

A playful, positive workspace will keep the kid in you alive that wants to please the audience, have fun, hear the applause, and encourage others to dream. It really will help to make you more resilient, very much like a kid stumbling in the playground. You get up, brush yourself off, and get going again.

Tune Into Singing Success-TV

Use the forums here at Singing Success-TV for ideas on how to make your workspace, and work environments in general, more playful and conducive to growing by creative leaps and bounds. Use the products available to strengthen your skills and hone your craft. Share your stories on bouncing back. Solicit advice from others on how to be kinder to yourself while staying firmly focused and disciplined.

It’s vital to let this ability to bounce back become second nature. By creating a playful workplace, by being compassionate toward yourself and others, and by making the commitment to get stronger as you learn from mistakes, you will become much better at kicking fears and doubts to the curb as you bounce back with confidence. Your singing success will become more finely tuned in the process with greater focus and higher definition. So make the commitment to use these resources so that your ability to bounce back for pay back becomes a natural part of the journey to your singing success.

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