Brett Manning Studios is Proud to Announce Our New Coach – Shelby Rollins

I am so excited to be joining the team of incredible coaches here at BMS! It really is an honor to work alongside such talent here in Nashville.

My husband and I made the decision to leave our home in New York City, where I was teaching as a Brett Manning Associate, and move south again. It is quite a transition and a massively different change of pace and lifestyle, but a welcomed opportunity for sure.

I am ready to start teaching and add my own skill set to the team. As a teacher, I love to find what works for my students. I probably get more excited for their breakthrough than they do! When I first started working with Brett, I was so blown away by myself! I had no idea what I had under the hood. Before coming to know the Brett Manning Method, I considered myself rather educated as a musician, instructor, and artist. I went to school for Theatre at Florida State University and studied voice privately for years with the best of the best. So I was pretty shocked and seriously humbled to watch myself grow about 5 years in 5 hours with Brett and his team! I have so much confidence in the technique and execution of this method that I jumped at the chance to teach it. This, I believe, is the way our voices were designed to be used. Teaching here, at the mother ship, is my investment in that belief. I have to be honest, I feel a little selfish hanging out with such awesome people all day and calling it “work” but that won’t stop me!

I hope to see you and work with you here! I know Nashville is known for cranking out fantastic country artists, but I’m anxious to work with the pop singer-songwriters, rock artists, and even the Broadway bound! (I’m a theatre major coming from NYC remember?) I know from experience that singing a set of original music at the world’s worst dive bar will make you want to stand out from the over populated white noise of lame music out there. The way to do that is to have something that captivates another human being! Your voice and artistry are all you have on that stage. But they are raw gifts that always need improving. Your favorite musician didn’t just pop out into the world melting faces with originality. I love the process of refinement in artistry, and I really love being the one who gets to bring that refinement to a student.

I can’t wait to get started here in Nashville and work with you all. And if you have the unfortunate opportunity to drive behind me and I’m driving slowly because I’m lost, please remember, I’m new in town. Be kind.

To learn more about Brett Manning Associate and vocal coach Shelby Rollins, visit

Shelby Rollins is now available for vocal lessons either in-person in Nashville, TN, over the phone or via SKYPE. Please email or call 615.866.1099 to inquire about or schedule a lesson!