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Luis Lauro Mixes It Up With The Master

At only 18, recording artist Luis Lauro is well on his way to becoming an international force to be reckoned with. Based in Mexico City, Luis jumped at the opportunity to spend three weeks taking singing lessons in Nashville at Brett Manning Studios in order to strengthen his voice and hone his performance skills.

“It has been really intense, but I love it” Luis said. “I was aware of Brett because of my experience in the music business and his some high profile clients. But it was my musical director that told me to come here.”

Three Weeks + Three Coaches

Luis has been working with the Master, Brett Manning, as well as learning from BMA vocal coaches Chris Keller and Jesse Nemitz. He finds that each has a unique style, and each is bringing out something different in his voice and approach to singing.

“With Jesse, it is very intense,” Luis said. “He pushes you to your maximum. He’s made me realize a lot that’s happening with my voice. I wasn’t aware of the power in my voice. And just after five days, it keeps improving. I didn’t even know I had that in me.”

Luis likes the fact that Brett and his vocal coaches are all singers as well as songwriters because they can relate to what he’s going through as an entertainer much better than someone that simply teaches. While Jesse tends to be a strong taskmaster when it comes to technique, Luis has found his vocal lessons with Chris to be a lot more laid back.

“Working with Chris, he’s very good at relaxing the voice so that it’s freer,” Luis said. “He’s a great singer, too. He focuses on making it so that you don’t put pressure on your voice. You just relax and sing.”

And when it comes to working with Brett, Luis sees him as the complete package in addressing everything in a singer that needs attention.

“Brett is so good at explaining things,” Luis said. “He shares stories to help you understand how and why things work. He shares his experiences and gives examples of how to do something so that it’s easier to put into practice. It’s amazing how he touches on everything in general that you need. Already, I see a lot more I can do as a singer. This will even affect my songwriting.”

Committed To Improvement

Luis is eager to learn and grow and admits to loving every challenge he faces in the process. Back in Mexico City he is studying piano, guitar, drums, acting, and dance. He’s even interested in producing and directing one of his videos some day.

He was first bitten by the performance bug when he was on a reality TV show in Mexico that he said was a lot like American Idol, only for kids.

“Right away, I knew I wanted to do this,” he said. “I love to sing, to write, to play. To do it for work and have fun at it is very cool.”

His musical interests are very diverse but primarily rooted in pop, rock, and rhythm & Blues. His favorite artists are Stevie Wonder, Prince, the Jonas Brothers, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Luis Miguel, Juans, Ricky Martin, Shakira and Maná.

“I want to make it in the US and International markets,” He said. “When I perform I enjoy the vibe I get from people wherever I go, singing for them and to have fun. The adrenaline keeps me going.”

He enjoys the growth process that his life as an artist has encouraged. He remembers when he first started out how he thought nobody liked him because they didn’t know of him or his work.

“But now they sing along with the songs and have fun,” Luis smiled.

He has found his songwriting to be therapeutic, allowing him to vent when he’s angry or upset, and to share his dreams and life experiences with others. It’s also helped him open up his vision for the future; something he feels has been positively enhanced by his time with Brett, Chris, and Jesse.

“I want my audience to enjoy what I’m doing, and I want my audience to grow with me as I grow as an artist,” he said. “Five years down the road I would like to have a Grammy® or a few. I’d like to write a book to help people see what you go through so they understand that it’s hard work, even once you have a record deal. And, I’d like to make a movie.”

Luis loves the open mind for all genres of music that he feels the people in Mexico City represent. That love for diversity feeds his muse and creative spirit.

“If what you are doing is true to your heart and is really good, people will like it,” he said. “Good music breaks through all barriers!”

As does great vocal coaching. Visit or check out him out on Myspace for more information on this vibrant, exciting, young artist with unlimited potential!

To book a singing lesson with Brett Manning, Chris Keller or Jesse Nemitz visit: or email Keith at: [email protected].

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