Brett Manning: The Man Behind the Method

With ears that can see inside the throat, Brett Manning can diagnose vocal problems and prescribe corrective measures to engage its fullest potential.
“I want people to have more sounds and colors to work with,” he said.

His focus is never on himself but always on others and helping them use techniques to open and strengthen not only voices but also their untapped potential as people.

As you listen to him, it’s as if you’re being refreshing by a flowing river of positive thoughts, fresh ideas and encouragement.

“When we genuinely give, we get back far more in return than we could ever imagine. There is such profound satisfaction that presents itself in the act of giving.
He knows all too well as he has seen certified instructors, associates and protégées continue to give from his programs and techniques.

“It’s really like breathing out from the spirit,” he said. “When love is the underlying force that drives what you do, that love is returned from God, and it really does bear good fruit.”

In just a matter of a little less than 10 years Brett has seen his SingingSuccess coaching investment grow from working roughly 20-30 programs a year to a multi-million dollar return that continues to grow and strengthen others.

“From the very beginning, even when there were challenges, I never doubted that we would be number one,” he said. “In time I knew we’d be heard and the technique and programs would be spread to a wider audience. I’ve never given up and never will.”

All has not always been rosy and perfect. He has faced hard times and has been confronted by discouragement, but he’s learned to use disappointment and discouragement to fuel his desire to give more, get better, help others with love and more than a touch of grace.

“Many times I’ll be working with someone, and I’m encouraging them and keeping after to push a little more, right at the point where they are about to give up,” he said. “They don’t understand just how close they are and get frustrated. But I’m on the other side of that paper thin wall, and I can see they’re only a breath or two away.”

A Teacher’s Philosophy

He believes that one of the keys to being an effective teacher is to shift focus away from the self and onto others. “The easier people to work with tend to come in with a gracious, grateful spirit. They don’t know exactly what they need to do to sing well, and many think they can’t sing well at all,” he said. “These are the ones who are going to be the most receptive and the most teachable.”

Brett Manning is a poet and philosopher at heartHe acknowledges that he faces situations where a person may be self-centered or bratty. They may be negative or self-destructive or arrogant. “These tend to be people that will have a dark soul, and a voice that reflects that through anger or being tawdry,” he said. “These are the ones that will end up causing damage to their voice from stressing too hard. They have no vocal freedom. Many times the damage they cause is irreparable to some extent. Like with a recovered alcoholic that needs to avoid alcohol to keep from causing further damage or engaging poor habits and bad judgment, so it is with this type of singer.”

In addition to being able to see and diagnose with his sensitive ears, Brett has the uncanny ability to understand the mechanics of a physical action and then immediately set out to teach that action to someone. He did this with his brother who wanted to be a better baseball player by using a repetitive incremental approach to helping him bat with near perfect accuracy. He has taught his son Christian to improve his shooting skills on the basketball court using the same perceptual evaluation and corrective measures.

What Brett Manning brings to the world of voice fuses technique with instinct, craft with artistry, and esthetics with neuroscience. It is an approach to teaching that strengthens the voice by also considering the student (or kindred spirit) from a physical, psychological and emotional perspective.

“Many times people don’t want to practice or rehearsal or have a session. They’ll say things like I don’t feel like it,” he laughs. “I’ve learned to get to work until you feel like it. I know that work is really important and the right thing to do because it becomes hard to stop working.”

For Brett Manning that commitment to working for something better, greater than the self, higher than the moment, or more meaningful as time passes is part of what drives him to teach. Brett Manning is a giver who delivers. He constantly comes up with new ideas and revelations about his programs.

He has many people who have been instrumental in helping him find his voice along the way. One such person is a professor from the University of Utah that introduced a very young, somewhat rebellious Brett Manning to musical theatre. “I was actually studying dance when I took a theatre history course with James Prigmore.”
He’s also a composer whose film scoring credits include Starsky and Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, and The Burning Bed. Prigmore asked Brett to sing “Day By Day” from the musical, Godspell. “It was in that moment that I knew I could sing. That I felt a joy in love, peace, grace, forgiveness coursing through me,” Brett said. “I knew I would propelled by love to be a great singer.”

Needless to say, it is that loves that calls him to be a great teacher. When you look at Brett Manning what you will see is your fullest potential as a singer. “Live a life of integrity and respect every second of each day,” he said. “Time is an enemy if you let it slip away.”

There’s not one moment lost with his timeless investment. Check out Brett’s info by visiting