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Imagine sitting in a spacious sound studio in Nashville that’s filled with a mix of aspiring and professional singers. Now imagine that these singers represent a wide variety of styles and tastes, textures and colors, passions and promise. Finally, imagine that some of these singers are from as far away as Texas and Australia while others are practically next door neighbors.

This eager group of hungry hearts and open minds had gathered for a master class from Brett Manning. For me, this was a first, and I can only tell you that I walked away with better educated ears, a more hopeful voice of promise, a deeper respect for artists, and an inspired, more confident sense of self-worth.

Uniqueness + Confidence = True Success

Above and beyond Brett’s techniques that profoundly enrich, enlarge, and engage all aspects of vocalization, there are two irrefutable results that he delivers to every individual he works with. These results he generates will vary in degrees based on the commitment and compliance of each person. These two key results are uniqueness and confidence.

Brett takes the voice that you bring to him as a singer, and he shakes it up, unwraps it, opens it, works and plays with it like a wise wonder child at Christmas. He helps you refine it and shine it until it becomes that unique gift you have to offer. And I promise you’ll be stretched beyond your wildest wishes and lifted higher than your uppermost expectations.

The validation that comes through heightening and strengthening that uniqueness creates a more confident singer, artist, friend, neighbor-in a word-you. He really does work on bringing out that you that is true – to yourself, to others, and to the gift of your unique voice.

Dynamic Diagnostics

One by one a singer would step up onto the stage to perform. Afterward, Brett diagnosed issues or challenges for each singer that needed attention. He also identified and celebrated any strengths, quirks, attitudes – anything that was unique and worked to the singer’s benefit in terms of helping them stand out and be remembered.

It could be a simple tilt of the head while leaning back on a certain note or phrase. It might be a vibrant, strong level of comfort while singing the mix. It could be something as subtle as articulating consonants while singing so that words are better heard and understood.

As a group we were taken through a series of scales, with men and women almost counter-pointing each other at times. We sang scales with attitude and a variety of different approaches. It was the perfect warm up to encourage the self-conscious to let go, and to affirm the self-confident to be receptive to change.

Truth Is Simple But Not Always Easy

One of the singers, Abbey George, sang a song she had co-written. She was accompanied on the keyboard by her friend, Andrew Trask. She sang a sweet, touching song that expressed that wild, wacky, wonderful dynamic that is stirred while falling and resisting love. Her voice lived in the mix and immediately resonated in the heart of every listener.

Brett engaged Abbey in a simple exercise to stay on pitch that literally helped to sharpen, focus, and strengthen her delivery, style, and the emotional integrity of the song. He learned that Abbey writes and sings in the key of C. So he had her sing the song again with Andrew only striking the C chord. What happened was musically miraculous. I can still hear it several days later, but more importantly, I can still feel it.

Be Encouraged + Get Engaged

I share this experience with you so that you are encouraged to pursue the development of your unique voice by trusting the master, Brett Manning. He really has an uncanny ability to peer under the hood of your vocal vehicular mechanisms, and perform on-the spot, in-depth diagnostics. He then prescribes the proper fine-tuning and fuel you need to drive the road to success that is yours alone.

Brett’s ability to diagnose and prescribe with such precision and then generate positive results is part of his unique gift. Another part is his passion for regular maintenance, fine-tuning, with service and delivery that surpasses the word “excellence.” That passion is borne of his faith, his love for life and his family, and his passion for making singers be their very best.

Mastering Mix has been created to help you become a more complete, more versatile, more confident singer that lives not just in the chest voice or head voice. Brett’s revolutionary program builds bridges in the mix that become a network of highways, pulsing from the heart of your unique voice as a singer.

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