Check Point Support For Your Singing Success

Positive, critical feedback is vital to your vocal growth and development. Brett’s programs are designed so that you feel affirmed and encouraged as you move through the lessons, strengthening coordinations and exploring your potential.

One of the biggest challenges faced by many beginning singers and performers is a lack of live feedback to reinforce progress, provide encouragement, and give an objective
There’s also a tendency to feel isolated.

Let’s face it. Many seasoned performers appreciate having that extra set of eyes and ears when rehearsing or even when working out the voice. It gives you a better sense of how well you’re doing in terms of technique or how you’re being perceived in terms of interpretive skills as well as messages and feelings that are communicated.

Coaches + Singers

You can certainly get feedback from singers and from the coaches here at through the forums. It’s a great resource for having key questions answered. You can share challenges you face and can bring up any specific issues or concerns that have come about as you work through Brett’s programs you’ve purchased. You can do a search for more information on a specific issue or concern. Then, a list of related postings in the forums, news articles, comments from coaches, and video clips will appear. And, best of all, you discover that you’re not alone.

Go “Live” For Feedback

But that need for live feedback should not be ignored. It’s also directly tied to your need to entertain, move an audience, tell a story, deliver a message, and hear applause for a job well done. Plus, you want to make sure that you are performing properly, not reinforcing any bad habits, and are making progress. It serves as a check point to see how you’re doing and also to make sure you’re on the right track. As Jesse Nemitz says in several of his video clips, “You want to start from the right foundation and build on it.”

The Right Foundation

The right foundation comes with Brett Manning’s programs like Singing Success and Mastering Mix. Positive, critical feedback is also vital to making progress in developing the full potential of your unique voice.

Record – Rewind – Review – Revisit

As you move through the programs, record your lessons and review them to make any necessary corrections or adjustments, and to set specific goals for your next lessons. Also make note of questions concerns, and comments to share via the forums here at for feedback or further discussion.

Noted As Posted

If you are facing challenges or have concerns with a specific exercise or coordination, bring it up right away. Don’t let it create a bigger issue by ignoring it or by beating yourself up over it. And, don’t be discouraged, even if it sounds silly or is something that seems obvious or simple. Chances are that you’re not the only one who has been baffled by basic lip rolls. If it’s something that seems off or you’re not getting, share your concern.

Check Point Session

One of the best reasons to periodically book a session with a Brett Manning certified vocal coach is as a check point to make sure you’re developing a sound, solid foundation as you work through the Singing Success program and related programs. Booking that live session one on one either in the studio, via Skype, or even over the phone will also do wonders to boost your confidence, affirm your competence, and encourage your continued commitment. It will give you that extra push or nod of approval that will likely give you a renewed sense of accomplishment. For more information on booking a session, call (615) 866-1099.

Training Partners

To enhance your training routine and to supplement the resources at, it’s recommended that you get together with others that are using Brett’s programs to work through lessons and provide live feedback for each other.

Even if it’s just once a week, you can get together and work through any problem areas. You can compare notes on any questions and concerns, as well as share your progress. This also provides an opportunity to put together posts for on specific challenges and concerns, along with tips and suggestions for enhancing your training.

Clip Tips

If you’re a beginning singer, there are several video clips by Jesse Nemitz that are highly recommended. These include: “Smart Singing,” as well as his two-part series on “Gifted/Nongifted Singers.” These programs identify several common problem areas for many singers and reinforce the importance of the proper execution of the exercises.

Shelby Rollins has a clip called “What Exercises Are For” that will help you to understand how the various exercises are designed to work on developing and strengthening different parts of your voice independently, so that they can then be successfully brought together in a balanced way.

Brett’s clip on “Trust Your Voice” and his two-part series on “Building Your Strengths” will prove both inspiring and encouraging as you engage the full potential of your unique vocal gifts.

Fueling Forums

Use the forums here for problem solving, to share successes, to brainstorm, and to compare notes. Discuss opportunities for performing, marketing, and networking. Let the feedback you receive become a powerful support tool for encouragement and gauging progress.

You Hold The Key

You are not alone. Any live feedback you receive, along with comments and suggestions from the forum discussions, will help to keep you focused and encouraged as you pursue your dream of singing success. But, don’t forget one very important detail. If the dream is to come true, it’s up to you – that’s key to your ultimate singing success.


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