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Buddy The Elf with Singing Success 360

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Singing Success 360


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What You'll Learn From Singing Success 360

Buddy The Elf with Singing Success 360
  • 7 Technique Lessons AND 7 Style Lessons
  • How To Disengage Muscles That Prohibit You From Singing High Notes
  • How The Voice Has “Gears” That When Shifted Smoothly Allow You To Let Go Of Tension As You Sing Higher
  • Exercises That Are Pre-arranged In A Particular Order To Maximize Your Muscular Release
  • Revolutionary Explanations That Psychologically Trick Your Brain Into Allowing You To Sing Higher
  • How You Can Overcome The Myth That Your Current Range Is All You Will Ever Have
  • How To Exchange The Ineffectiveness Of Yelling For The Freedom Of Resonating
  • How Resonance (Vibration Inside Your Mouth, Head And Throat Cavities) Can Be Maximized To Effortlessly Double Or Triple Your Power
SS360 Review 1
SS360 Review 1

What You'll Learn From Mastering Mix

SS360 Review 1
  • Discover The Foundations Of Light And Dark Voice!
  • Build Your Lowest Voice And Create Dark, Rich And Emotional Tones
  • Discover Freedom And Release As You Develop Your Head Voice
  • Find And Develop Your Mixed Voice Rapidly
  • Learn To Sing Any Song Without Those Annoying Breaks Interrupting Your Vocal Melody
  • Outperform Your Competition Through The Most Desirable And Excitable Tones Using Your Mixed Voice
  • Develop The Mixed Voice Tone Qualities Used In Pop, Rock, Country, Classical And Every Other Genre
  • Learn To Blend Head And Chest Voice In Varying Shades And Colors To Create An Instantly Popular Sound As An Artist
SS360 Review 1

Meet Your Coach!

Madison Sariah

Madison Sariah first began studying with Brett when she was 9 years old and by age 14 had one of the most explosive teenage voices Brett has ever coached. Because Madison has never been exposed to poor teaching methods, she has experienced a coveted consistency in her voice that singers crave. Madison brings 14 years of saturation and experience to her students by understanding how to speed up the learning process, finding exceptional power, range and freedom. 

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