Create More Buzz + Bang For Your Singing Success

Whenever you put together a press release for an upcoming gig, one of the key things to that is all too often not taken into consideration, is making real connections to that show relevance to the location of your performance. The value of a real connection can generate additional interest and applies whether you’re sending emails from your website, tweets through Twitter, or posts on Facebook.

What do we mean by connection or relevance? What you’re looking for are any personal points of connection to your potential audience for the venue where you’ll be playing. These connections must be legitimate before they can be positively exploited to help draw a bigger audience.

Common Background

For example, let’s say you’re playing a venue that has a lot of customers in the military, you would then want to mention any band members that are veterans or any connection your band may have to playing for the troops, a local National Guard unit, or any history of family members with military service.

Maybe you’re playing at a club that draws a lot of college kids, look for specific ties to the surrounding colleges to try to boost numbers for a potential audience. But make sure that you don’t use this information to limit your audience. Stress that it is one part of the bigger picture that you paint as artists.

Biggest Draws

Always talk to the owner or key staff members at a venue to get a sense of what draws their biggest crowds. Also, ask them how they would describe their most loyal customer base. This will give you ideas for what you have to offer than can be stressed or mentioned in making a legitimate appeal to the venue’s “frequent flyers and buyers.”

Local Media

Look into all local media outlets including independent resources, neighborhood newspapers and other print media, as well as local radio, and any online sites that are known for helping to create a buzz for local entertainment and community activities. Don’t overlook social organizations, schools, and churches as points of promotion!

Volunteer Task Force

Have a task force of people on hand to canvass the neighborhood and hand out or post flyers. The more you know about the area you serve, and the more visible your presence face to face and online, the more likely you are to create a real buzz that will generate a decent turnout for your gigs.

Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment with positive fun ways to draw attention to your upcoming gigs. You may simply post an eye-catching but mysterious simple icon or artwork, along with the date and time of your event. This can get people asking, what the heck is that? It can then become a part of the everyday environment and be a point of daily conversation. Even if people find it weird or annoying; it grabs their attention, and it gives you a chance to create positive ways of following up on it, just before your gig.

Adopt A Cause For Concern

You might consider adopting a local cause or charity that you support. You can promote awareness of the cause or charity through your performances and upcoming gigs. This must be something you are genuinely connected with and committed to promoting. It can be something as simple as volunteer firefighters or support for classroom materials at local public schools.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of what pops the lids off of every box that media tends to arrange and neatly package. And always use a variety of resources, including SSTV forums, to find ideas and exciting, inventive ways to get the word out!

The more forces and resources you engage, the more effectively you can chart a steady course for that beeline buzz to your singing success.

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