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One of the toughest tasks at hand for many singers, singer-songwriters, and singing musicians is to keep your hopes up during those dry spells when the gigs aren’t coming and creativity has either gone on vacation or is closed for a season.

For some of you, there’s an outlet in the community such as working with school music programs, helping out at nursing homes or senior citizen centers, being actively engaged in a community choir or theatre group, or helping with the praise and worship team at a neighborhood church.

Learn To Grow

But how can you keep things alive and hopeful when you don’t have such outlets? You will certainly gain valuable experience and some satisfaction through working with a voice teacher or vocal coach. You can also prosper by investing in the products available through Singing Success-TV.

But what can you do when it’s that desire to please an audience that feels neglected and must be met in order for you to keep going? There is a simple practice that can help you work through these times spent in the desert or out in the cold, when you feel nothing is blooming or flourishing.

Reasons To Sing

Start by identifying the people that you sing for. In other words who are specific people that you know enjoy your gifts and have always been very supportive. Make note of their names. Add to the list the people that you feel you are called to sing for, as well as those that have had a hand in shaping your voice, your craft, your personal taste and love for music.

Ultimate Audience

The goal here is to create your ultimate audience of admirers and people you desire to please. Once you have compiled your list, make it a point to review the list, picturing the faces of these people. Then you must choose at least one of them to contact to provide an update or to say thank you or both. Choose a different person to get a hold of, or honor by thinking about them, each time you sit down to review your ultimate audience list.

As you add to your list, you can even include people whose work you admire and any personal heroes you’ve never met. You want this ultimate audience to be a group of people that collectively serve to inspire, stir, or at least give you a bit of a positive rush or buzz, each time you review the list you’ve compiled.

Three-Song Minimum

In addition, you must perform a minimum of three songs for this group at least once a week. If any of these people can be on hand in person for your mini-concert, that’s perfect. But, if they can’t, pretend you are playing to a full house, with your ultimate audience as the honored guests.

For each person on your list, make note of one specific thing that you appreciate about them. How do they inspire or encourage you? What is it they bring out in you? Why is it important to please them? What is it about them that are you grateful for?

Spark What’s New

As you engage this list for support and encouragement, specific songs will come to mind, as well as ideas for new material. This will help to keep you positive and encouraged through seasons of cold and dark and any dry stretches spent in the desert. It will help you to stay fresh, to keep blooming, and to remain hopeful.

This ultimate audience serves to affirm your artistic significance as a singer, singer-songwriter or singing musician. It is like a secret, magical garden that satisfies any fix for fame by reaching down deep to the roots of what makes you want to grow, bloom, and blossom in the pursuit of your singing success.

Share With Others

Use the forums at Singing Success-TV to share your experiences in creating and engaging your ultimate audience. Talk about how it impacts confidence, goals, your ability to hang on, and your reasons for singing.

There will be many periods of frustration and potential stagnation that you must learn to power through. By creating your ultimate audience you have a resource of friendly, loving, adoring fans to cheer you on as you move closer to achieving the full potential of your singing success.

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