Cultivating your Craft Part 1: Collaboration

In no particular order, I want to discuss several aspects of cultivating your gifts or craft of music. Like most things in life, this requires a balance. It’s not all just practicing scales 24/7.

Today I want to explore collaboration. This can mean a lot of things. Songwriters or those aspiring to write songs: When was the last time you had a co-writing session? Enjoying the varying lyrical creativity of others helps you take your stale melody to a new place. Or maybe your lyric hasn’t found a pitch yet. Let someone else’s melody or chord structures inspire you! Producers and engineers, when was the last time you asked another producer to take a listen to your work and critique it? A fresh set of ears can hear nuances in a mix that you can’t hear after listening to it 1,000 times! Vocalists, when was the last time you asked for an honest opinion on your performance style or even asked a coach for a tune up?

Everyone needs someone else at some point. Besides the fact that we are social creatures, attempting to go at your craft alone is as dangerous as it is boring. We need the vantage point that someone else has to offer. And if you have no one to turn to, go out and start finding them. Often we have nobody to ask because we don’t set ourselves up to be open and welcoming to advice from others.

So today, check yo-self before you wreck yo-self. And let Ole King Solomon speak some truth to you: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

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