Cutting Edge Concepts Sharpen Tools For Success

In the world of vocal training and artist development, Brett Manning’s approach to teaching is viewed as cutting edge, revolutionary, and mind-boggling in the quick results that are generated. In fact, so much of his approach to developing the full potential of the voice ties into what is now considered a groundbreaking concept in the bigger picture of education.

In fact, much of this learning concept that Brett has used naturally is being applied in school systems worldwide, with its impact felt from pre-school to post-graduate and even from work force to home life. However it is the gifted perceptions of the master that makes the difference. And the learning concept is only a part of what makes Brett’s method so powerfully effective.

HOT Concept
The core of this learning concept is referred to as Higher Order Thinking (HOT). It naturally engages analytical skills, creative approaches, and practical thinking. The HOT concept, coupled with techniques that appeal to visual, auditory, and hands-on reinforcement that help with processing and applying what is learned, are absolutely vital to personal and professional growth and success.

These concepts stress thinking in words and pictures, sounds, the physical feel, and not just memorizing facts and figures or postures and theories. It moves away from being robotic or doing things by rote and requires you to make connections, to do something with what you learn, to apply the technique or information so it generates results. The HOT concept sets you up to see what happens and build on what you learn. It is the use of many resources and the concept of working with others to problem solve that drive the HOT learning approach.

In Sync With Brett’s Instincts
These concepts mirror what has always been a part of Brett’s instinctual approach to teaching. These learning concepts work because they imply action, analysis, growth, and further application of what’s being learned. The bigger picture of the HOT learning concept plays out through the variety of resources available now through SingingSuccess.TV.

With the introduction of SingingSuccess.TV, you get that component that helps you build on the information, processes, and techniques learned through the tools provided by Brett’s teaching. And with Brett and his certified associates, you get individual attention, direction, and encouragement as your unique voice is strengthened.

A Glowing Success Story
Lacey Ritchie, 18, of Central Florida has been singing since she was six years old and has been working with Brett for a little over a year. Her mother, Cheryl, who has a background in music education, has been very impressed with the results she’s already seen.

“Since we met Brett, he has helped Lacey develop an edgier sound to her voice and has made her more aware of expressing the lyrics to impact her audience,” Cheryl said. “She had reached a point where she was not growing as a singer before we came to his studio, but even his warm-ups have helped her voice to grow stronger. He is also helping her identify her own style which is something we’ve struggled with.”

We’ll share more about Lacey’s incredible talent in an upcoming article.

Endorse Reinforcement
With SingingSuccess.TV you also get visual and auditory reinforcement through video clips as well as product offerings such as the Top 7 series, Mastering Mix, Singing Success, and other programs. You have the sharing of concepts, feedback on problem solving or overcoming fear, encouragement from success stories, as well as information on various aspects of your pursuit of a career in the music business all tied together through SingingSuccess.TV. These are key components of the HOT concept of learning.

SingingSuccess.TV = Rich Resources
Any questions you have about challenges you are facing with your voice, with getting bookings, boosting confidence, increasing energy – just about anything you can think of that has an impact on advancing your career as a singer – it’s all right here at your disposal. SingingSuccess.TV is a powerful information rich resource for helping you find your unique place as a singer, singer-songwriter, or other music professional.

Analysis + Creativity + Practical
So much of the information that’s available works in concert as part of this revolutionary concept of Higher Order Thinking. It’s based on experience that has required analysis, creativity, and practical framing and application of concepts, ideas, information, tips, and techniques for bringing out the very best in your unique gifts.

Interact For Better Results
The more you interact with others at SingingSuccess.TV, and the more programs you actively engage, the more confident you become because you are able to piece together what you’re learning. The greater awareness of your voice, the music business, song selection, interpretive choices, music genres, live performance skills, auditioning, being a better communicator – it keeps building on itself as you make more connections with others. You gain a natural feel for what your voice can do, how it moves others, and what is needed to build on what you can already do. As you become more confident, you’ll also become bolder and more adventurous. You’ll take risks and try new things with your voice and find fun, interesting ways to move your audience and share your unique gift.

Solution Revolution
You’ll also naturally begin to problem solve or even meet the needs of others because of the connections you make with viewers here at SingingSuccess.TV and use of the products that are available. The video clips and blogs from coaches, as well as the newsletters, will keep you freshly stimulated and engaged as you grow your gifts and hone your skills.

The Focus Is On You
Poppy quickly saw positive changes after working with Brett and using the “Singing Success” program. “When he teaches, it’s not just one way,” she said. “There are multiple ways, and he specializes the technique for YOUR voice. He takes you from being a singer to being an artist, and helps you develop your style. Brett has the answers you need.”

You’ll also learn more about Poppy’s encouraging success story in a future article.

As Poppy, Lacey, and others can attest to, Brett’s approach keeps you positive, healthy, focused, and eager to freshen your perspective as he commits to tapping into, developing, and maintaining your full potential as a vocalist. Plus, all of the resources at SingingSuccess.TV are available to reinforce that refreshment.

Reinforce Your Progress
We invite you to use SingingSuccess.TV for visual, auditory, and hands on reinforcement of progress in the pursuit of your singing success. Share ideas and concepts with the coaches and other viewers via the forums. Don’t hesitate to share your success stories and any problems you’ve overcome or are still facing. Your misstep and successful attempt to bounce back may give someone else the courage or incentive to try something new or at least try again.

You’re Not Alone
So, just for fun, think about areas that you’ve given up on or put aside because you either feel it’s hopeless or unrealistic; or you think that maybe you’re just not ready. Now, take the first step by sharing that struggle or discomfort with someone. Tell a coach, friend, or fellow SingingSuccess.TV viewer about that issue. Work with others to get those wheels of analysis, creativity, and practical application set in motion.

Engage those thoughts, passions, fears, and desires you have as a singer, singer-songwriter, performer, or other music professional. Don’t be afraid. Remember, you’re not alone. Put it out there via the forums here at SingingSuccess.TV. The more you share, the more you will learn as others share.

Stay Fine Tuned For Better Reception
Then, the more you learn and apply as a singer, the better the reception for your audience. Stay connected. Get engaged. Find out what programs and products will work best for you and begin real growth that will last a lifetime. Remember that Brett Manning, his certified associates, our products and programs, the forums and clips at SingingSuccess.TV – are all right here to help you achieve the utmost potential of your unique voice and that is truly the highest order of real singing success.

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