Damage Control For The Voice And Wallet

In your pursuit of success as a singer or singer-songwriter it’s vital to always aim high. You must never sell yourself short. In order to avoid that you must always commit to getting better, stronger, wiser. You must also not be fearful of change.

It’s also critical to keep yourself grounded in what is working for you while testing yourself with new challenges, concepts, styles and sounds. But none of this will work unless that foundation that you build your singing or singer-songwriting career on is solid and unshakable. It requires a sound investment.

In an age where are economy is shaky at best money is tight and therefore investments must be made wisely. So, at this point I’d like to share a few thoughts on the cost issues faced with investing in vocal training. Many times I will hear that the Singing Success program or sessions with Brett Manning and his associates are expensive.

Don’t Pay More In The Long Run

In the few months I’ve been here at Singing Success I have heard the following phrase countless times: “It costs a little more, but it saves you a lot more in the long run.”

Think about how many times you have purchased poor quality items to save money but ended up having to either buy those items with greater frequency and/or in higher volume when an initial investment in a better quality product would have saved you time and money in the long run.

One of the biggest mistakes a singer can make is to cut corners by paying for poor training that may or may not improve vocal skills. In fact improper training, or even no training, can encourage poor habits that limit vocal potential or even cause damage the voice to the point that the damage is irreparable.

Cultivate Your Uniqueness

I have also heard the following two related phrases over and over: “I had no idea I was limiting my voice” and “I didn’t know I could sing that high so easily.”

That desire to sing high has become even more pronounces with the passing of Michael Jackson. Brett Manning’s techniques have improved vocal range for many students as much as an octave with just one lesson. And that improvement is lasting. It is no passing fluke.

One of the benefits of working with Brett Manning’s programs and techniques is that they serve to develop, strengthen, and heighten what is unique in your voice. His programs are designed to bring out your best, to rest what needs rested, to push what needs prodded, all to not just grow your potential to its highest and but enable you to sustain that performance level indefinitely.

Confidence Is Priceless

There’s one more comment that echoes and resonates with each individual I’ve met that has passed through the studio doors here at Brett Manning Studios: “I have so much more confidence.”

Confidence is vital to your growth as a singer, performer, writer. It spills over like a refreshing stream that feeds every part of your personal and professional endeavors. The more confident you become, the more open you are to engaging your potential, moving your audience, pursuing your dreams, and sharing your gifts.

Some Sound Parental Advice

For those of you parents that see that budding artist in your child but then look at the Singing Success and Mastering Mix programs and cringed a bit in the purse or wallet, take heart – literally. These programs are an investment. They can be an alternative to or a supplement to existing music lessons for your child.

Think of those times in your life when you look back at those bumps in the road or those wrong turns where in hindsight you realize you could have saved some time or avoided some unnecessary pain.

The tools Brett Manning offers work. These programs and tips will help your child to confidently navigate a lot of those twists, bumps, and disappointments that we all face in life and need to learn from. But it will lessen the number of stumbles and struggles that are unnecessary due to improper guidance, poor teaching, or no teaching at all.

That unique voice of every one of you reading this deserves to be nurtured, encouraged, disciplined, pushed, pampered, and otherwise exposed to the absolute best of its greatest potential. That is what Brett Manning, his programs, and his associates stand up, extend, to deliver.