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In the process of building your career as a singer, actress, motivational speaker, singer-songwriter, broadcast journalist – whatever the focus of your vocal pursuits – you must bear in mind that

you never know when you may cross paths again down the road with people you meet along the way.

So You Meet Again

It may be someone with whom you’ve shared the stage, recording studio, green room, or meeting space. A production assistant that you might have slighted or ignored may be in a position to help promote or fund a project or yours someday, or may have connections to someone who would be the perfect arranger or composer for you to work with.

Impact + Influence

The point is that you never know what impact or influence your words or behavior may have had on others. You also can’t predict the potential level of success for others – or even for yourself. There are far too many variables and influences that factor into the twists and turns of a successful career for a singer, speaker, public figure, or performer.

Honor Others

So, you must treat everyone you meet with respect, consideration, and support. By truly honoring others, your worth and value are not diminished. In fact, the more generous and positive your spirit and actions, the greater your return, though it may not come back right away.

Negatives Infect

However, if others are treated with disrespect for their time, talent, investment, or perspective, that negative impact will likely spread quickly, like an infection, and will be limiting, and probably won’t be shaken off so quickly, if at all.

Apologize + Move On

But, let’s face it. We all make mistakes, and the nature of most voice-driven careers involves ego issues, hypersensitivity, and creative temperaments. So, if you feel you’ve mis-stepped; or spoken out of turn, or have dealt unfairly with someone, quickly acknowledge your error, ask for an apology, and then move on.

By honoring others, you attract support, consideration for opportunity, and are viewed as a positive asset. This can serve to open doors to advance your career, while negative behaviors can not only close doors, but lock them up for good.

Tactfully Not Brutally

Also, make it a habit to be honest and deal tactfully and fairly with others. If you’ve been asked to share your opinion; and you know it may be hurtful or possibly taken the wrong way; choose your words carefully.

You may choose to arrange a time and place to give yourself a chance to be clearly and tactfully prepared so you’re able to address any sensitive issues, with some positives to point out or suggest.

Do Not Fake It

Do not fake your responses. If you don’t like something, it will show. If your comments come off as insincere, or your demeanor suggests discomfort, it will work against your compliments or any statements that are not true to what you really think and feel.

Again, you want to be tactful. Look for potential positives. Make suggestions for improvement or enhancement. Do not fake a response.

Deliver As Promised

One more very important quality that is often underestimated, or overlooked in terms of its importance, is that you must always deliver as promised and keep any contracts and agreements you’ve made with others.

This includes everything from a rehearsal or meeting for lunch to feedback on a potential song set or a visit to a promising venue. You must keep your word and your commitments. And, you must not only deliver as promised, but pay attention to details and do a little extra something for others you work with or interact with.

Personal Touches

You can even get in the habit of sending a personal card with a catch phrase that captures a specific moment or frames a highlight of your experience in working with someone. Look for little touches that can help to distinguish you as an artist, contact, peer, and friend.

Tapping Forums

So, use the forums at to discuss ways to honor others, to be tactfully truthful, and to deliver on your promises and agreements. Talk about fun ideas for capturing special moments or acknowledging others you work with.

Honor Coaches

Do something special for your favorite Brett Manning certified master associate, or for Brett himself. At your next session with one of Brett’s associates, ask for suggestions on fun ways to make others feel special and appreciated.

Uniquely Distinguished

Brett Manning stresses the uniqueness in the gift of each individual’s voice. Your uniqueness can be further enhanced by the positive actions you take to honor others you encounter in the pursuit of your vocal career.

So, deliver above what’s promised, always honor others, and be tactfully truthful. Taken to heart, these practices will help you bring to fruition your full potential that will further define and distinguish the path that leads to your true singing success.

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