Defining Your Musical Tastes and Artistry

I’ve been talking to my students lately a lot about their favorite artists. In hearing their answers, I’ve realized what an important question this really is. Do you know your favorite vocalist of all time? Your favorite performer (cause they may be different)? Your favorite musician? My little red flag goes up when students say, “I dunno, I like everything…” You know why? This tells me that student isn’t getting inspired! Now I have to say, the radio leaves much to be desired in this area. I rarely find anything worth listening to and usually end up turning it off more often than not. This is a sad sad story. Even writing this blog I just had to stop and turn some good tunes on to get me going. True story. If you can’t rattle off 5 artists that really rev you up off the top of your head, there’s something wrong.

Sometimes the problem has to do with what you’re listening to. Some people really get ignited by the current chart topping pop songs. That’s great as long as you can say with conviction that it’s inspiring you. If you listen to music that bores you, then stop! I love digging through iTunes to find some kind of gem I’ve never heard of. DO IT! Ask your friends who they like and listen ACTIVELY to new and old music. Which brings me to the next major and maybe the most important point. We listen to music so passively. We ignore tone, style, nuances of artistry. And our standard has dropped so low for entertainment that all we want is some catchy hook to mindlessly pass the time. Not to be dramatic but, HOW TRAGIC. Seriously. If your current music selection doesn’t stir something in you, then I must ask, why are you listening to it?

Good music is defined differently for everyone. The reason this is so important is because we stay plateaued at our current creative level and I personally want to grow! You can only give to someone else what you personally have. If you want to inspire people with your music, you have to be inspired! If you want to bless someone else with your gift, you need to be blessed.

Ok so I’m gonna give you some of my favorites….Please help me and leave me yours below!

1- Eva Cassidy

2-Patty Griffin

3-Jonatha Brooke

4-Natasha Bedingfield

5-Rufus Wainwright

6-David Crowder Band

7-Brooke Fraser

Your turn.