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Like anything physical and mental, the best way to learn is to play the game. The best way to be a better basketball player, is to play basketball and the best way to be a better chess player is to play chess. So with singing, the best way to become a better singer is to sing. Right. But……what if you are in the habit of singing wrong? What if you shoot the basketball wrong? What if you don’t know the best move to start a chess game? This is when exercising comes into play. Professional athletes do more than just play the game. While that is the best way to get better, it’s not the only way. Most athletes spend time in the gym lifting weights, running sprints, and participating in enduring workouts. These are all important to the game. Lifting weights gets you stronger, better for jumping, throwing, tackling. Running sprints build up speed in your body and muscles that work faster than before. Enduring workouts build a better heart rate and better lung capacity. This is all very relative to singing. People take a voice lesson to sing better. We all know it’s usually the main focus but vocal exercises all have a purpose to make you a better singer.

Two great examples:

1. The lower larynx workouts release tension in the entire range of your voice. While singing normally, you don’t always have a low larynx. You just need to be more relaxed in your throat than you were before.

2. Closure exercises help build the small muscles in your throat and open up parts you never knew possible. You start building more control throughout your entire range, and find that it’s possible to do more than connect from one note to another, but connect within the note.

Just like any activity, when you get to a spot that doesn’t flow as well as the rest, you develop it. You work on it. You spend time on it. You do it until you can’t get it wrong. While that’s not actually part of the game, it helps you own the game.

So find your weak spots and exercise like you never have before. Work them out. Become a professional singer. When you get comfortable and make a habit out of doing it right, that’s when it’s easy to sing almost whatever you want.

Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect!

– Chris Keller

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