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Whether you’re a singer, speaker, broadcast journalist, talent show contestant, pageant participant, stand up comic, or spoken word artist, you need a sense of purpose or focus that compels you to pursue your voice-driven career. Otherwise, you’ll become vulnerable to getting off track, making poor decisions, and your career potential will suffer as you quickly spiral of control.

Purposeful Impact

In order to have a focused, lasting, meaningful career it’s vital to have a sense of purpose. You must come to an understanding of how you can use your voice to make a difference. The desire to have a meaningful impact on others, or on some issue or concern, ties into the principle of filling a need or solving problems in the market place.

Voice = Products + Services

Once again, you must think of your voice in terms of its value as a product and service. So, you need to take a closer look at the unique qualities, features, benefits, and perks afforded by sharing your gift.

Now there are tangible, identifiable aspects of your voice such as pitch, range, and tone. But without a sense of purpose and focus for using your voice, those impressive technical qualities can be misguided, wasted, or go unappreciated because of poor choices, selling yourself short, or by not challenging yourself to step up and reach out.

Mission Statement

Every successful business has a mission statement that defines their purpose for operation. It is just as critical for you to define your purpose for using your gift.

What Inspires Your Voice

There are a number of influences that may factor into shaping your mission statement. You should ask yourself questions to gain a better understanding of why you’ve chosen your voice-driven career – or why that career has chosen you. What it is that inspires you to use your voice?

Resonating Feedback

It’s important to get feedback from people you know and trust about the power and influence your voice has others. What do people say about your voice? How does it move them? What emotions does it trigger? How does the use of your voice inspire others?
What comments do you hear most frequently after a performance, an audition, or a lesson with one of Brett Manning’s certified associates?

Clearer Direction + Greater Satisfaction

Once you determine a statement of purpose for your voice-driven career, you will get a greater sense of direction and satisfaction. This purpose will also help you focus on choosing material, as well as help you define, shape, and reinforce your image as an artist.

Better Choices + Positive Results

This will also help you let go of bad habits and make more meaningful choices in mapping out your career. The venues you choose will be in line with the difference you want to make by using the gift of your unique voice. There will be less focus on ego-gratification because your talent is serving a purpose that is geared toward impacting others.

Rich + Famous = Service Driven

This is not to say that you shouldn’t want to be rich and famous. But these goals should truly be byproducts or the results of having a voice-driven career that is rooted in serving to make a difference in some way.

Communicating Connections

Creating a mission statement requires careful consideration in determining what moves you to move others. You need to gain an understanding of what energizes you. What is it that gives you the sense that you have connected with your audience? Since all voice-driven careers require strong, clear communication skills, what messages do you want your audience to take home in their hearts?

Affirming Touches

To create a strong mission statement of purpose, think in terms of your impact on others. What would you like to see happen? If you were to hear that an audience member had been moved to change in some way because of your performance, what are some examples of things that this person could have done that would touch you most deeply?

You want your mission statement to move beyond the “notice me, be rich and famous” mindset. Again, you want recognition, fame, and fortune to be the results of your purpose and focus in your voice-driven career.

Heroes + Mentors

Think of the people you admire most, your personal heroes. What is it that these people bring out in you? What difference do they make? What do they celebrate, aspire to, or represent that has become a part of you?

Think of people that you see as being not only successful, but also grounded, positive, and healthy. What are some qualities these people have that you share or would like to cultivate and adopt as part of your voice-driven career path?

Your Vocal Point

You want your mission statement to serve as an anchor or point of focus for defining your reason for making your voice-driven career a dream come true. Think of it as your: vocal point!

Serve Your Sentence

It should be no longer than a sentence. This mission statement should be shared with others in your support team, master mind group, and mentors. It should be posted in your living space, work space, and on a personal keepsake that you take everywhere you go.

Invest In Your Mission

Share your mission statement with others via the forums at SingingSuccess.TV and discuss its importance at your next coaching session with one of Brett’s certified master associates. Invest in products that will help you strengthen your voice, polish live performance skills, and deepen your commitment to the focus of your mission statement.

Start putting together your mission statement. You will begin to gain a greater sense of focus, purpose, and direction in the pursuit of your voice-driven career.



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