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In the pursuit of any creative career there is a natural defense mechanism that kicks in. Since each of you is a unique individual seeking to hone your skills and heighten everything that you alone bring to the game so that you make your mark. The fear of someone stealing your ideas, your grove, your sound and everything short of your fingerprints and plastic can stunt your creative growth and delay career advancement and breaks in the long run.

Feed + Forage Through The Forums

Because you are a unique individual you need to worry less about someone picking up a tip or imitating your style and be committed to learning as much as you can about things such as how to get more gigs, wow the audience, fine tune your music business smarts, and be prepared to open doors to your success.

Individually Packaged + Processed

By sharing information and experience along with concerns and challenges you will get valuable feedback that you can turn to your advantage as you put your own unique individual spin on what you learn. The feedback and information gleaned from the forums and blogs on SSTV and related resources, can help you to develop your craft, pursue your passion, sharpen your image, and advance your career because you process what you learn and apply it in your own unique way.

One Song + Ten Singers = Ten Unique Takes + Spins

Imagine a group of ten singers being handed a new song to learn. Each singer goes off to learn the song individually. Then, the songs are performed in a closed audition that is digitally recorded for viewing after all ten singers have performed. Will the song sound the same? Will it be interpreted differently by each singer?


Even though it’s the same song, each of the ten singers will put a slight to dramatic unique spin on the song they’ve just learned. There are variables that come into play outside of style and musical taste, genre and voice. Issues such as experience and confidence will be factors. How each singer feels about the quality of the song may be a factor. The setting for the song or its context that each singer provides will impact its delivery and impact.

Try This On For Size

Try the following experiment sometime when you’re in a group. Have everyone define the term stage fright. Then, ask what they do to handle it. Next, ask them to define the term: image. Then ask what are two or three of the most important things to address when defining image as a singer or performer. Then, choose a popular singer that everyone in the group knows. Once the singer is chosen, have everyone write down the main reason that singer is success – just one huge reason for their success. Then, have everybody cite what they consider to be that singer’s best song, and have them give the reason that song outshines all other efforts by this popular performer.

One Size Really Fits One Only

You will most likely discover that everybody looks at things from a different perspective. Some of the opinions, views, and tastes may be similar or at times closely related. But more often than not you’ll be surprised at the varied points of view. And if you hold a discussion after the written responses, you’ll likely witness or even be a part of a surprisingly emotional, heated debate.

Dare To Share + Care

By diving into pool of resources offered by SSTV you’ll find splashing waves of learning curves to help you get into the swim and float your boat, so to speak. Don’t be afraid to speak up or speak out about concerns, fears, strategies for success, information needed on agents, headshots, venues, gigs, and wardrobe.


Don’t hold back information you know might help a fellow singer or potential competitor to shine. In the giving you get back. As you help others, you may occasionally get burned or bitten, but as you recover you will grow stronger, wiser, and shine brighter than before because of what you’re learning.

Compare Lesson Notes

Talk about vocal exercises and lessons that have worked best for you or that have been a challenge or are still a struggle for you. Share the results you’ve experience with programs like Mastering Mix and Singing Success. Compare notes with others. See if there are other applications or variations to consider when working out your voice. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to offer your opinion. Everyone here wants to get better, learn more, be a stronger more versatile performer, optimize the pipes and chops, and achieve success. Life for the love of learning and never let go of that!

Come Unity

At SSTV you are part of a community of uniquely gifted individuals that are seeking to shape and share their singing success. There’s plenty of room for each of you to make the most of your unique voice. So, again, do not hold back, and do not isolate yourself!


We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating with every blog and headline. One of the most common issues that can frustrate singers, singer-songwriters, performers, and artists in general, is a feeling of being alone or isolated. Then, when you don’t have information you know you need or don’t trust the resources that are available, that sense of being alone worsens and will impact your passion for singing. For many, the real problem is often one of not knowing where to turn.

Make A Pact To Interact

This is the place to hook up your station, connect with viewers and listeners, learn from others by getting information you need to help you address specific challenges you face as a singer. Share your ideas, and also seek valuable feedback from others struggling with the same issues as you.


If something has worked wonders for you, see if it might work for others as well. If something isn’t working for you, let others know and see if they have something to share that might turns things around. Imagine being able to find someone that has overcome a fear, kicked a habit, or pounded down a challenge that you feel is impossible for you to get past. Inside of every obstacle and challenge is an opportunity to get better, become wiser, grow stronger – or all three – and even more.

Pump Up The Power With SSTV

The power that comes from successfully meeting any challenge is just like the high that comes from working out. You emerge stronger, more confident, less fearful, and invigorated. You get excited about seeing how far you can go. You want to achieve your greatest potential and the full measure of your singing success.


Turn this community at SSTV into your number one, golden circle of connections!

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