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If you want to be a successful singer, speaker, actor, or performer, you must give yourself permission to falter, fumble, fail, and fall. These should not be your ultimate goals, but there needs to be a clear understanding that, before you can fly, you need to get over the fear of falling.

Think about learning to ride a bike. What would have happened if you gave up after that first scraped knee once the training wheels came off? You would have denied yourself the freedom and fun that comes with biking, and you might have never ventured beyond your own backyard – at least not without your training wheels.

Risk Potential

Success in your voice-driven career demands an awareness of risks that must be taken in order to develop your gift to its greatest performance level, and to optimize opportunities for exercising and sharing its full potential.

Adapt to Change

That means you might stumble, and you’ll likely have weak spots that require attention. Your tastes will likely change as you gain more experience and exposure. Demands for new material or shifts in subject matter or areas of focus will also be influenced by your audience or fan base.

Spinning Trends

At times, you will be at the mercy of trends while also having the opportunity to be a trendsetter and to put your own unique spin on things that become popular or in fashion for a season or two.

Lasting Communication Comes First

Remember that the success of your voice-driven career is rooted in communication, through the messages you deliver, the stories you tell, and the images or impression you convey as you sing, speak, entertain, enlighten, inform, inspire, and engage your audience.

Don’t Belittle – Don’t Berate

When things go wrong or fall short of expectation, never berate yourself; and do not put down members of your band, development team, cast and crew, or support group. Always look at the situation to see what worked, what didn’t work, and what needs work in order to turn a falter, fumble, failure, or fall into a fearlessly faced future feat!

Learn From Mistakes

Mistakes are teaching tools that refine the design of your unique gift. Learn from the bold moves you take, the risks you shake, and the daring decisions you make that don’t quite work as planned. If your focus becomes a series of put-down’s, it will quickly evolve into a major shut down.

Stay Open

To be a successful communicator, you must stay committed to the encouragement of an open exchange of ideas and concepts often aren’t truly tested until they’re engaged in front of their intended target audience. So, be bold and brave, and be kind and forgiving, so that bouncing back and pressing on becomes second nature in developing the full potential of your voice-driven career.

Face Your Fears

Identify your biggest fears for your voice-driven career, and look for ways to face these fears as part of your career path to success. Find something in each fear that intrigues you or excites you that will become an anchor or focus for tackling each fear. This will help to boost your confidence and help you stay committed to trying out new ideas, finding fresh material, and growing your fan base.

Security – Understanding – Courage – Confidence – Education – Selflessness – Daring

Use your mentors, support team, and mastermind group to table issues on fear of failure. Create a contract or success statement that validates the need for taking risks and being bold. Come up with a personal definition for success that you can call to mind as the situation warrants. For example success could be defined by assigning key qualities that are required such as: Security – Understanding – Courage – Confidence – Education – Selflessness – Daring.

Use the forums at SingingSuccess.TV to share the successes that have come as a direct result of lessons learned when falling short. Share those successes that have evolved by facing the fear of failure and other fears and risks.

Harmonious Commitment

Step up and book a session with one of Brett Manning’s master associates. Make the commitment to invest in one of his programs, including his latest, Mastering Harmony, a program that was developed by Brett with ten-time Grammy® winner Claude McKnight of Take 6.

Reward Risk

Reward risk and use the times you fall short as opportunities to draw closer to achieving the full potential for success in the pursuit of your voice-driven career.

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