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In order to get our cords to connect, we have to work the intricate edge parts of them on the inside. So many people (myself included) simply think, SING BIG, SING LOUD, SING HARD. However, this is only going to hurt your voice. I can say this because I did it to myself years ago.

There is no reason for us to over sing. We don’t over talk do we? Well, unless we are in a really loud place then yes, and even then we hurt our voice.

The same goes for singing. Over singing will strain and create tension where there does not need to be any.

So! My theory? In order to sing fully, we must first sing small, working from the inside out; Having cord closure with the small edge part of the cord while keeping tongue and jaw tension out of the way.

Once the inside of the cords are able to fully connect, you will find it so much easier for the rest of the cords to as well! Which means, fuller singing!

Give me a call if you’d like to learn some of these techniques, and I’d be happy to walk you through it!

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