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One thing constant in life is change. Things don’t always go as planned, and often tend to spin all over the map without some sort of game plan in place.

In your pursuit of a career as a singer or singer-songwriter, there is so much uncertainty. There are many elements that are out of your control that will often cause change.  These changes will either pay you an unwelcome visit or bring surprisingly welcome dividends that will pay off down the road.

Adjust The Attitude

Something you clearly have control over is your response to change. First of all it’s important to recognize the fact that change is inevitable. Accept the reality that nothing stays the same forever. It’s a natural part of being alive. Think of it this way; anything that is alive and well is in a state of perpetual change and growth.

Remember that change can be a very positive thing when it improves your performance, income, love-life, and adaptability. Keep yourself open to change for the lessons you can learn from it and the shifts in perspective that can help you move forward with greater wisdom.

Kick Out The Fear

One of the biggest threats to the concepts of change is fear. It can shut down your confidence and your growth as a performer and person. It can threaten your level of comfort and even hurt your faith. It’s natural in some small part deep down to fear the unknown. The reality of change is that it rarely comes without provoking effort to adapt or regroup or reassess. It also will most likely present a few challenges. Tell yourself that you have the ability to adapt along with the strength and courage to tackle and grow from any challenges that change presents.

It’s important to evaluate how you view change. In order to reap any benefits or move forward once changes knocks on your door, you need be willing to open the door to that change. Remember that patterns of negative thinking and even being engaged in familiar but unproductive routines will always feed your resistance to change.

Knock Out The Negatives

In an earlier entry we mentioned that what you think impacts what you feel. That’s why it is imperative that you concentrate your thoughts on the positive aspects of a new situation. Remember it’s a combination of the fear of the unknown as well as the desire to leave it well enough alone that can create negative thoughts that feed your resistance to change.

Think of learning a new vocal technique and how there was a time when you thought it sounded goofy and wondered why you were doing it. Once you put that aside and tried the technique, you were pleasantly surprised by the positive change in your voice. Perpetual resistance to change stifles growth. If you don’t grow, you won’t change, and success as a singer, singer-songwriter, or whatever will be either denied or extensively delayed.

Educate To Liberate

On that unique path to your singing success, make up your mind to do everything you can to remain open to change in your life. It will make you more flexible, more fearless, and more confident. It will also increase your chances for success.

To supplement your training from Brett Manning, Singing Success, Mastering Mix, and sessions with Brett Manning Associates, search out and study materials, websites, books, and articles on self-improvement, leadership, confidence, risk-taking, and motivation. Read all you can about your heroes and how they embraced change on the road to great achievement.

If you’re someone that struggles with resistance to change, the shift in perspective and attitude won’t happen overnight. Just as your voice becomes stronger and more flexible with consistent hard work and commitment, so it goes with strengthening your ability to make the most out of every challenge that change throws your way.

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