Enhance the Voice That’s True To You

As much as we may think to the contrary, image isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. For one thing it’s subject to the unique filters of each individual that processes the image that is being projected.

Expectation, exposure, life experience, biases, social status, fiscal fitness, musical tastes, learning processes, and countless other issues factor into perception. So, while image isn’t everything, it is often the one thing that will either spark further interest and scrutiny, or will turn off the light and lock the door to any further investigation.

Full Heart – Full House

The one key element that resonates is authenticity. If a powerful voice is being engaged in an authentic capacity, it will ring truest to its fullest potential. If it is stifled, abused, or misused, its potential may never be fully realized. Still, the singer or speaker may have a following with limited appeal because the voice is strong enough to grab some attention. It’s just misdirected. If you want to play to a full house, you need to come from a full true heart.

The same concept applies with other physical attributes. For example, a runway model or pageant winner may wind up doing infomercials for something that may not enhance or facilitate further appeal of their physical beauty or presence.

One of the greatest mistakes comes with not fully developing all aspects of your talent so that all avenues of opportunity for expressing that talent can be explored and engaged.

Brett’s Truth Sets You Free

One of the key strengths in Brett Manning’s approach to coaching and developing the voice is his acknowledgement of the unique gift of each voice. He does not set out to impose anything on the voice that is unnatural, unflattering, unhealthy, or unnecessary. His teaching serves to enhance not hide, to clarify not distort, to encourage not force, and to verify not falsify all aspects of an individual’s vocal potential.

One on One by One for One

Whether you’re a singer, singer-songwriter, musical theatre performer, or singing musician, he strives to authenticate and certify each viable nuance, texture, shape, and color the voice has to offer, as he and his associates work one on one by one for one purpose: to validate the truly unique gift of each voice.

The most effective growth and development comes with building a solid foundation. Once you have a solid foundation where you know your strengths, and are confident, competent, and comfortable with your sense of what you have to work with as a singer, speaker, public information officer, teacher, lawyer, pageant winner, broadcast journalist, comedian, or entertainer – you are able to try other things that enhance, explore, and engage your gift in ways that promote healthy growth.

Appeal + Connect

There will likely be creative choices you make interpretively that might prove questionable, but with Brett’s teaching, your technical base will be sound. A disconnect may come because your choice doesn’t resonate with your fan base. So, it’s important to know your voice not only in terms of its technical and interpretive strengths and potential, but you must also connect with your values, beliefs, and dreams while also connecting with the overriding appeal of your fan base.

Performing Coaches

Gaining a sense of your appeal comes in part by working with a Brett Manning certified associate who can provide feedback and offer industry resources for helping you on the road to your singing success. Brett’s Nashville based coaches such as Sixpence None the Richer, lead vocalist, Leigh Nash and Member of vocal group Tenore, Jason Catron, have many years of experience with recording, touring, and dealing with management and artist development. In addition to helping you bring out what is truest in your unique voice, they can also help you tackle challenges you will face outside of the studio and beyond live performance opportunities in the pursuit of your career.

In the New York area, Christopher Keller and Zuke Smith offer valuable industry-related experience to someone seeking to explore and enhance their image as an entertainer, performer, speaker, high school principal, or even public official. In fact, each of Brett’s associates has a uniquely viable life experience than can be used to help you design and refine the you that is true within your unique voice. They can also help with choices you make in focusing and fine-tuning your image.

Underlying Truth

Even if your goal is to be a singing comedienne, all that you add on in terms of costuming and props must spring from a base of truth that will resonate with your audience. Even if your signature look is purposely mismatched and clearly inappropriate or over the top in some fashion, there must be something underneath the gimmick that rings true to who you are that strikes a familiar chord in some universal or collective sense. That’s where the treasure of your fan base rests.

Parade Don’t Masquerade

Here’s one last tip on image. It’s not about cover up or masquerading. What you see as flaws or imperfections can be the very thing that makes you appealing. It the genuinely goofy things sometimes that people find refreshing, engaging, and affirming. The truth of your humanity, warts and all, is what an audience takes to heart because it affirms their experience. Even if your act focuses more on escapism, something must be genuinely communicated in your efforts to escape and help others check out that hits home in the heart of your audience.

Talk About It

Use the forums at SingingSuccess.TV to talk about image issues in terms of when cover up is necessary and when it’s unacceptable. Should image be strictly focused on enhancing and engaging your strengths? How important is vulnerability? Talk about things you’d change about your look or even your voice if you could. Then, find creative ways to generate the appeal of those qualities or traits you wish you had, by using what is true to your unique gifts.

Worldwide Booking

Use Skype to book sessions with a variety of Brett’s associates worldwide. Go out on a limb and span this spinning globe! Be a little adventurous. Ask for advice on the music business, artist development, and image. The more you’re willing to risk exposure and full disclosure of the you that is true, the greater your potential for singing success and full engagement of the unique commercial appeal that comes from the voice. Learn more about Skype lessons by visiting: www.BrettManningStudios.com