Enhance Your Singing Success

I’m always looking for tools to engage creativity and nurture the spirit. There are two writers that I highly recommend for helping you find your original voice and keep it growing strong, open, and supple.

Natalie Goldberg

Natalie Goldberg is the author of close to a dozen books, including my personal favorites Wild Mind and Writing Down the Bones, the latter of which has sold over one million copies and has been translated into fourteen languages. She has taught seminars for thirty years to a diverse audience of participants around the world, and lives in northern New Mexico.

Encourages Unique Voice

What I appreciate most about her work is the ability to uniquely engage each individual and encourage a true, original voice and perspective. Her books offer advice and strategies for working through creative blocks, finding a uniquely personal style, and learning to be compassionate in your approach to life and work.

She banishes that critical self to wander the desert while the instinctual creative self taps into deep wells of refreshment within. She offers exercises and ideas to bend and stretch perspective, to release tears and laughter, to paint with words, sing with colors, turn your world into a wild imaginative playground where absolutely anything and everything is accessible.

Intimate Coaching

Her works are like an intimate dialogue with an imaginary playmate that knows things about you that you thought only existed in your dreams. She gets those dreams to wake up and walk with you as an artist, an observer, a regular Jane or Joe taking their uniqueness for a run in the park.

Wild Mind and Writing Down The Bones will help you find confidence in self-expression. This will help you build on the wonderful tools you work with through Brett Manning’s Singing Success and the singing success online programs.

Visit www.nataliegoldberg.com for more information on this phenomenal teacher and artist.

Julia Cameron

I also highly recommend the work of Julia Cameron, best known for her groundbreaking books and seminars on discovering and recovering creativity.

Her book, The Artist’s Way, is a must have for everyone, whether you think you’re an artist or not. The book takes the reader on a 12-week journey of deep self-discovery and creative revival. The book can be engaged and explored with a small group or reading partner. The experience is a vibrant, vital, unique journey of creative validation.

Throughout her successful career Cameron has graciously and generously provided monumental help to others in finding their creative voice and vision. She is an award-winning poet, playwright, filmmaker, and author of more than thirty books.

Seeking A Higher Creativity

Her work engages a unique link between creativity and spirituality that is a driving force to higher creativity. She uses a variety of deeply effective exercises to encourage the imagination and nurture fresh ideas.

Her approach will help to freshen and stimulate all that desires to be communicated through your unique voice as an artist that sings.

Visit juliacameronlive.com for more information on this amazing author and guide to creative restoration and growth.

Create Learning Circles Of Connections

I encourage you to get together with a friend or two or create a circle of connections book club. Let your first order of business be to explore the works of Natalie Goldberg and Julia Cameron. Make their guides to creative self-expression part of the higher road to your singing success.