FEAR = Find Exceptional Artistic Resources

Life is a series of breakthroughs and plateaus in almost every venture. But it often seems to be more pronounced in creative pursuits, especially when it comes to developing your voice as a singer or believing in your chances for singing success.

It’s important to remember that growth is an on-going process. Part of that process is assimilation where you take the information and techniques and then work to make it all second nature.

Hitting A Wall

Sometimes in that assimilation you might hit a wall or a few bumps where certain aspects of a technique or concept just aren’t being inserted as quickly or as neatly as you might like. Fatigue – mental or physical – can be a factor in hindering your efforts to make something work for you. In such cases you sometimes simply need to take a break, rest, and then revisit the issue.

There are other times when there may be a psychological factor of some kind – involving the most notorious of all “f” words – FEAR!

Nothing can be more detrimental to desired growth; much needed change, a fresh perspective, or just plain moving forward than fear. Many times fear can be so deep-rooted or insidious that the more you try to analyze it so you can fight it, the more deeply toxic and debilitating it grows.

Fight Fear With Love

As an alternative to thinking about why you’re afraid or what it is you fear, indulge yourself in some creative daydreaming. Two states of being or feeling that are potent antidotes to a serious infection of ferociously dysfunctional fear-itis are the feelings of love and confidence.

Before you even attempt to pick your fear apart, take a break and play with thoughts of the things you love and those things that you have confidence in. Begin by making a list of five people you love, five places you love, five things you love to do, five singers you love, five songs you love to sing or play. Keep going until you’ve come up with at least ten lists of five things you love.

Fight Fear With Confidence

But, you’re not done yet. Now, think about the things that make you confident about yourself, confident about others and others that have confidence in you. Start with the phrase “I have confidence in my ability to…” and complete the phrase. Make a list of five things. Next, complete the phrase “I have confidence in so-and-so’s ability to…” Make a list of five people. Then, complete the following phrase. “So-and-so has confidence in my ability to…” Make your list of five for this phrase. Then, make a list of five things you once feared but no longer do.

Based on these last four lists, create a profile of your five strengths. Remember to base these only on these last four lists. Once you have those traits, reread your ten lists of things you love.

Face Off With The Foe

Now you are ready to look at the thing that has you hung up, stalled, doubting, or fearful. Look at the profile of your strengths you’ve created and map out a strategy for conquering your fear or working through your plateau. Remind yourself of those things you love that are a very real part of the confident person and artist you are. You will be surprised at how small the challenge now seems in tackling that fear.

Keep On Kicking It

When you get stuck, and you often will to some degree, use your creativity to dismiss negative assumptions and think of different ways to succeed. Apply this strategic exercise to all hurdles you face each time fear raises its ugly head and claims you will never achieve anything positive on your road to singing success. Kick that monster to the curb and walk on for the prize!