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The Americana music movement as well as the World music movement that began to take root in the early 1990’s was a sign of more change to come. Today there is more variety available for the listener and for the performer. You hear musical styling that is more eclectic and inclusive. Genres have sub-genres, and even sub-genres have sub-genres, and it’s constantly evolving.

Rock music, which first became popular in the mid-1950s, is a prime example of this musical movement. It had its deepest roots in rhythm and blues and country with artists like Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. But it wasn’t long before it began to infuse elements of folk (Bob Dylan), jazz (Chicago), and even classical (Queen). Today there are at least 100 rock sub-genres and fusion forms along with cultural and regional spins.

Reasons For Shifting Tastes

The rapidly expanding change has come about and continues to evolve for a number of reasons. The availability of music through advances in technology as well as a heightened awareness of cultural diversity have fed the hearts, ears, minds, spirits of listeners, singers and artists. But to counter this ever broadening movement, there has been a resurgence of fans and artists in roots music from bluegrass to blues, classical to traditional.

Our collective awareness has been heightened so that our musical palettes are more diverse. Music appreciation is both sweetened and can get a bit sticky when it comes to trying to categorize or box things up neatly for marketing. One of the great side benefits is that we have more choices as listeners and as singers. The Singing Success programs focus on developing the full potential of the singer’s unique voice.

One of the strengths in our culture has been the ability to market. In fact, we’ve become so good at it that what we tease is often more satisfying or engaging that what’s aimed to please. Think of how many times you’ve been swayed by a movie preview or wickedly whacked by a 30-second sampling from a new music project, only to find out that the preview or that sample was perhaps the only good thing worth indulging.

Explore, Expand, Experiment

The point of all this to remind you how critical it is to develop your voice to its fullest potential so that you can comfortably and effectively wrap your pipes around the sounds that intrigue, engage you, and drive you to move others. You will be exposed to packaging, marketing, defining and refining your image as you continue to strengthen your voice, hone your craft, and secure a following. Find the styles that move you. Don’t be afraid to make them your own.

Check out the music of cultures that intrigue you or artists that inspire you. When you hear a song that’s part of a film score or TV track that has you wondering who that is – find out. Periodically indulge that grand banquet of singers, songwriters, bands, solo artists that move mountains and makes waves in your heart, gut, spirit.

Savor Each Flavor

For example, if you live in Nashville and love space rock, classical, Irish folk music, and the only thing that’s remotely mainstream Music City is your spin on country rap – go for it. Dive into this phenomenal buffet of musical tastes. Play around with a few original recipes and see what’s cooking that you’d be proud to serve. Hone in on what moves you most deeply. But keep your ears and your heart open to those sweet surprises along the way that may spice up your appeal.

Feed your senses and tastes and style. Then let it season and flavor all this is uniquely you.

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