Filling A Void

In the world of marketing the question is often, what distinguishes or makes a product or service unique. Or better still, what unique need is filled or problem is solved by your product or service? Maybe this simple concept is a little too much of a stretch when it comes to the voice or singing as a product or service, or is it?

When you look at the music business, where do you see yourself fitting it? What is it that you bring to the mix where you’re naturally gifted? What is it that you have to offer that will make you stand out?

You Are Unique

Let’s consider the issue of standing out in terms of a need or void you might fill in the market or as a problem or challenge you can meet with your voice and talent. For example, you might be an accomplished musician and singer outside of the most commonly recognized arena (piano, guitar, violin/fiddler). Maybe there are gifts with spoken word that you could throw in to segue between sets or numbers in your act.
Perhaps you’re a gifted dancer or performance artist and might use the gift to enhance your act and therefore be more entertaining overall. You might even be gifted technically and could create some acoustic device or technique to enhance your performance.

At his live shows, 20-something multi-talented prodigy, Jeff Miller, employs a device to record and loop his guitar and vocal parts during his live performance. It is one of the most fascinating one-man-band concepts I’ve ever witnessed, and Miller stretches it to the point of pure art in his simple, easy manner as a singer and wordsmith.
To see and hear for yourself, check him out at

Sharpen Your Edge

As for problems or challenges, maybe there are social, political, humanitarian, ethnic causes you feel strongly about that your voice can be engaged in a unique way to enlighten and educate others while engaging and entertaining them.

Often singer-songwriters are seen as having an edge over singers. But singers who choose their material carefully and have a strong sense of who they are, what they do well, and what they believe come across being just as powerful and original as those who write their own material.

Take time to look at your voice as a product that will serve to fill a need or address a problem that has some personal appeal and universal significance in some way. It may be something as simple as taking your stand as a working woman or working man throwing your heart out there to make a better living for yourself while inspiring others to be proud of their efforts as well.

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