Find the Perfect Match for Your Singing Success

Effective networking is essential to building your career in a number of ways. It helps you build up a roster of contacts that serve as much needed resources from training to promotion. Networking also aides in building a solid fan base of support.

You network to create more opportunities to serve others by engaging the gift of your unique voice as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or entertainer.

Open Doors

You network to open doors that lead to more opportunities for speaking engagements, guest spots at seminars, studio sessions, voiceover work, on air spots as a broadcast journalist – whatever the focus of your voice-driven career that is enhanced and strengthened by Brett Manning’s products and teaching methods.

You network to fill in the gaps in your creative development and to bolster your artistic integrity through training resources. You also network to gain more business savvy so that you make wiser choices and smarter decisions to help with advancing your career.

Create Connections

Yet there is a wonderful side benefit that comes with networking. However, its potential value is often underestimated, usually underserved, and almost always overlooked. It’s the practice of creating partnerships between people you know well or at least know of and contacts you make along the way.

In theory, it’s really a variation on matchmaking. It’s essentially the same principle as suggesting friends for your friends on Facebook, or encouraging likeminded contacts you’ve made to link up via a variety of networking sites.

Come Together

The point of connection between two people you think need to hook up can be something as simple as a shared hobby or a common fitness goal. You can bring together two people that are facing similar challenges or that share a passion for the same key causes or concerns, such as animal rights or issues of social injustice.

But aren’t you giving away potential contacts? Shouldn’t you keep them just for you? The answer is: no way. There is tremendous personal satisfaction that comes when you have a hand in providing a positive link between two people that might not have other wise met.

And So It Grows

As these connections grow and prosper, your place in their respective and shared career paths can also grow and prosper. For instance, you might find people to hook up with one another via the forums at SingingSuccess.TV or even through sessions you’ve booked with one of Brett Manning’s certified associates.

Mixing the Match

You might be taking an acting class to improve stage presence, and you stumble upon a playwright or screenwriter that’s focusing on building better character development skills or working on cultivating a sharper ear for dialogue. This might be someone you think you should hook up with a composer or musician in your band, or it might be the perfect person to introduce to your friend who is a motivational speaker and needs a creative writer to help hone his storytelling skills.

Return on Investment

There are opportunities at hand for you to help build relationships that could prove to be personally and professionally resourceful for you in some way, and might at some point even offer much needed support with your career objectives.

Know the Needs

The key thing to remember before you attempt to get anyone hooked up is that you must have a clear understanding of at least one or two critical needs for both parties that you’re hoping to connect. If you introduce two people on a whim, a hunch, and some misinformation, you could create two new enemies or negate any potential benefits for any of the parties involved.

Critical needs – Greatest Gifts

Before you make the effort to create connections in your networking process, do a little needs assessment for the two people in question. Keep your focus on career goals and concerns. Consider their strengths, weaknesses, and any gaps in training, industry understanding, business smarts, choice of content or material, key career goals, or image issues. Identify where each person is most needy, uninformed, or insecure, as well as where each is most gifted, competent, and confident.

Common Ground

Once you’ve identified the most critical needs and areas where they are most gifted, look for possible matches where the strength for one can help address a weakness in the other. Then, once you see the potential positives in making that connection, look for what you know the two individuals share in common with each other.

Shared Passions

It could be the same musical tastes or favorite singers. It might be a comparable demographic. Maybe they have similar family backgrounds, or they’re from the same part of the country. Maybe they’re both from small towns, but one loved small town life while the other hated it. Look for a shared passion where their perspectives are agreeable and not diametrically opposed or in conflict.

Red Flags

Now that you’ve noted some promising common grounds, it’s time to identify any potential red flags. While it’s true that opposites often attract, it’s also true that opposing points of view can lead to bitter, heated, hurtful conflict. You want to build bridges and open doors – not blast bridges or put up walls. So look for any sensitive areas or potential points of conflict that could become serious deal breakers.

Do Your Homework

If the connection flourishes, you’re a winner, but if the connection fails miserably, at best, you might become a target, if you’re even acknowledged at all. So, before you connect two people that you feel could enhance each other’s career pursuits, look for a fit between needs and strengths, and find some solid common ground. Then, before you bring the two together, take one last look for any potential deal breakers.

Ask Questions

Ask people about their needs, and share those things that you’re looking for that must be addressed in order to achieve your full career potential. The more aware you are of the needs and resourcefulness of others, the better equipped you are to hook them up with the most appropriately gifted and resourceful people.

Frisk the Forums

Talk about your needs with others via the forums at SingingSuccess.TV and ask for recommendations on which of Brett’s products you should invest in next. Get advice on which of Brett’s certified associates you should consider when booking your next or first session. Get feedback on networking strategies as well as experiences with matchmaking.

Remember that the more committed you are to helping others find their way, the greater the return in providing opportunities to grow your gifts and get you connected with engaging the full potential of your singing success.

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