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Families tend to view their artistic or creative members as odd or peculiar or simply just “out there.” In many cases, it applies, and for all the right reasons. You see and feel things differently or deeply and have an insatiable desire to share that perspective as you sing.

One of the most important things to remember that your pursuit of singing success or singer-songwriting fame and fortune will most likely not be taken to heart as deeply by your family, friends, and other loved ones. This is especially true when you’re not making any money from it and still finding yourself creatively – the latter is an ongoing process in many ways.

Keep Communication Clear And Open

What you can do is keep communication lines open with those you care for and love you back. Help them understand what it is you want in the long run and why it’s important. If you strike it rich, that’s great, but you’re often more likely to get overlooked, discouraged, critiqued, and often abandoned by others that you thought would always be there for you.

By sharing your insights on why you sing or perform and talking about your goals and dreams, you’re letting them in on a secret in a way. It’s a private part of you that you can let them be a part of in terms of offering supportive. Let them know how much their encouragement means, and let them know it’s ok if they don’t understand why you do what you do.

It’s critical that you let your family members know how much you appreciate their role in helping you have a unique vision, voice and perspective that is a huge part of what makes you successful at what you do.

File Feedback With Care

Take feedback seriously, whether invited or not, but don’t let it get to you. Use it to consider new ideas, new materials, or changes in terms of your image, but only if they strike a chord that resonates in your hearts and spirit. I mean it has to literally SING in your soul and not be something that feeds negative self-talk and destructive impulses.

There’s an interesting force that drives almost every individual to share their gift in life, whether an artist, craftsman, technician, bricklayer, teacher and everything in between. Each of us wants to be liked. It sounds very simplistic, but it’s true. You want people to accept, appreciate, and like what you have to offer. So, with that in mind, free yourself of excuses and any negative influences that keep you from that validation that comes when you are liked because of that unique gift you share.

Be prepared to work hard and work smart at perfecting, protecting, projecting your gifts.
Remember that giving up is not an option. Your perspective may change or your style may shift, but stay the course.

Persist With Patience

It may take several years or possibly just a few months before your hard work pays off. Remember that Walt Disney declared bankruptcy a total of seven times in his lifetime before become an artistic icon and legendary creative force in the arts. Be patient and persistent so that you will fully engage whatever time it takes to be a success. Your pursuit will likely include a lifetime of plateaus, peppered with a few downfalls and setbacks, but many more breakthroughs and arrivals if you just stay the course, refresh and refine, commit and follow through.

Fuel For Faith

Don’t let the lack of understanding or support from your family and friends become a deterrent or a downer. Let it go; or if you can’t, use it to spur you on to bigger ideas, wilder dreams, and sweeter successes. Find your artistic family in the circles of connections you create in the journey along the road.

The ultimate pay-off that will fully satisfy your desire to be liked is to have a loyal fan base, a great band to play with, and a strong unshakable faith that constantly says you are uniquely created to make a difference in this life.

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