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The Internet literally buzzes with opportunities for networking with other singers, musicians, songwriters, fans, indie artists, labels, management, and marketing. These sites can be used to stay up to speed with the latest grooves, styles, trends and can help you gain support for your voice as you connect with others who are seeking to grow as an artist and be a part of your creative circle of connections. And they can help you grow your career and the impact of your voice through networking. The following are several sites to look into for sharing music, inspiration, ideas, or to simply check out scenes and sights outside of your literal neighborhood.

Connect The Circles is a music-oriented social network. It offers accounts that are uniquely constructed for artists, music fans, musicians, music retailers and venues. MusoCity is completely free to join and you can start sifting through its member profiles to find friends, hook up with musicians or singers in your area as well as learn about events in your area. is a great resource for fans, performance venues, artists, labels and managers. It is devoted to helping artists find and pull together their fan base. This site truly honors each role in the music community. It allows a member to learn about various aspects of the business, gaining a personal understanding of your voice in terms of the bigger picture. is a social network for artists and their fans. The most interesting feature is the possibility for artists to promote and distribute their content through cell phones. After you register and add your content, you’ll be able to promote your mobile content at your gigs, on your website, even on your MySpace profile. Before receiving payment for any hits you’ll be asked to sign a contract. is a great resource for posting video of performances, rehearsals, rants and raves. You can use to site to invite feedback, share ideas and prompt discussion. is a music social network that literally turns an artist’s fan base and followers into their producers. It invites fans to invest in a band or artist they support in order to help them secure a recording opportunity. It is a true investment in that supporters get a minimal cut of profits made by the artist. Aside from exposure and financial backing another artists also receive 50 percent of advertising revenue that comes from free downloads of their music. is a social network that truly expands her circles of connection is several directions at once by helping you find music through people and find people through the music you like or make. The site offers its users news, reviews and streaming audio. MOG also features a music TV that continuously broadcasts videos taken from is designed to help artists and bands get gigs while enabling promoters to book the right bands. The site currently houses more than 200,000 bands, singers, songwriters, and performers of all kinds, as well as nearly 20,000 music buyers of all kinds, including promoters, licensors, festival programmers, and much more.

Get The Word Out is a network that makes it easy to find new music and connect with people. One of its unique features is that you can search for music by singing or humming part of a song. All you need is a microphone, and you’ll be able to connect to the music you love and engage a community of people that share your musical interests. Through this site you’ll be able to listen to other member’s voices, see pictures, rate singers, send messages and also buy music. was created to help its members organize their music, share music tastes, and discover new artists through friends they find on the site. It lets you share music libraries with your friends, browse and sample their most played songs, and compare your compatibility scores. Another feature is that the site will also send you recommended music directly in iTunes. is a social network that allows musicians to create audio content online in real-time. Its platform enables real-time music collaboration and lets you schedule live jam sessions and listen to musicians that are playing right in that moment. It is a potential resource for singers and songwriters to find material and collaborators as well.

Keep Things Fresh keeps track of what music you listen to, and then helps you discover new music based on those preferences. The service can be used to listen to music, find out about artists you may like, get in touch with other people with similar music tastes, as well as discover gigs in your local area. It also provides for you to create charts that you can publish on your personal site. The site lets artists and labels upload their own music and videos and promote them for free. has become the mother ship for all cyberspace travel. It can be used as your home base for self-promotion, for fan support, friends, family, whatever you want. You can share sound clips and video clips, and performance schedules. For many it has been the ultimate social networking tool.

Don’t limit the number of these sites you wish to explore. Use each one to create another circle of connections to get yourself seen and heard and to create a buzz for your voice.

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