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One of my favorite writers is Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles In A Thousand Years. He has a genuine passion and love for life, God, and the absolute uniqueness of every individual strutting and stumbling against that selfish spin of the world.

Best of all he always leaves you a better person for having read his rants, raves, rumbles and rambles. You emerge refreshed, curious, excited, relieved – or some combination of those feelings multiplied by the promise of tomorrow.

Sweet Honey, Milk + Manna

Last night I found myself like a starving stray cat lapping up the nourishment, humor, heart, and wisdom of several of his blog entries, including an amazing eulogy for a friend. His writing convicts the reader of shortcomings and encourages better judgment and effort.

He takes handfuls of splinters and shards of human frailty and somehow pieces them all together into something heart-shaped and hopeful.

Soul Food For Singers

His words make you want to get up, get out, and take on the world for the sake of love. For anyone embarking on a career in the entertainment industry, he is a must read. For singers, he will stir your true heart to the point of feelings that are best expressed by singing.

For a songwriter his work streams an overflowing fountain of new ideas, fresh vision, out-of-the-box thinking, wild-hearted wonder, wishful word-play, and unshakable faith. You can’t help but emerge with a novel turn on a lyric or a sweetly skewed angle for the greatest love story ever told. His work is that good.

A Life-Enhancing Killer Blog

Check out his blog at and see what you think. His words invite discussion, communication and debate. In one of his most recent blogs he offers some amazing advice for writers on living a meaningful story. His sage wisdom applies to everyone looking to grow their understanding of and appreciation for the boundless borders of human experience.

He encourages us all to reject self-pity; to get better not bitter when we’re hurt or mistreated, when we fail or falter. He invites us to examine awkward situations, shake things up, throw away self-consciousness, and not be afraid to step out of our comfort zones for the sake of growing stronger, wiser, more compassionate, caring, and humble.

Honesty + Integrity

Reasons I invite you to check out his writing are its honesty, transparency, and integrity. His writing shoots straight to the heart with wonderful stories that are rich with humor, vulnerability, even goofiness at times. There is something in his work that parts oceans of pretentiousness and allows us to go for walks with all that’s raw and real inside of us that we probably tend to hide, restrain, or restrict.

For singers, songwriters, musicians, and performers, communication is the driving, overriding key to your success. The work of Donald Miller serves as a glowing example of what successful communication looks and feels like in its purest, simplest, unpretentious form. You will feel the truth about who you are as an artist come to light at some point as you read his words, stories, reflections, and semi-sermons.

With Each Breath

It’s vital that you remember the responsibility you bear as stewards of your musical gifts. Every time you breathe life into a song, you are to be held accountable for what you communicate that can change, affirm, provoke, or inspire feelings, thoughts, and dreams in others. So, read the works of Donald Miller and see how his work as a communicator impacts your desire to reach, move, and inspire your audience and peers.

Oh yeah, here’s one more thing. You also have a responsibility to lighten up, have fun, and provide a little relief and release for yourself and for those you come to know as your family of fans.

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