Give Thanks To Achieve Greater Success

Regardless of where you live, your culture, family history, ethnicity or beliefs, as the end of the year approaches it becomes a time for soul searching, putting things in order, and making changes so that you can move forward with greater resolve and focus as you strive for more positive results.

You may be striving to build your fan base or following. You might have put a lot of energy into increasing the quality of your material or improving your business smarts. And hopefully, each of you has stayed committed to exploring your full potential as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or other music business professional.

Flash Points

As we move into this year-end season of assessment, giving thanks, and sharing gifts, it’s important to make note of any significant progress you’ve made along with any key accomplishments. We’ll call these flash points. These represent a major turning point, a significant event or key change. A flash point is anything that you feel has had a significant positive impact on advancing your career.

Take Time To Affirm

Whether you’ve experienced a dozen, a handful or just a couple, each of these flash points must be acknowledged and affirmed by (1) giving thanks to those who have had a hand in making it happen, and by (2) determining the next step in building on that flash point. So set aside some time to assess your progress over the last year or so, and make note of anything that has had a significant, positive impact on moving you closer to the goals you’ve set for your singing success.

Samples of Examples

A flash point may have come through using a specific product or part of a program such as Mastering Mix or one of the Top Seven programs provided through SingingSuccess.TV. A flash point may have come through a performance or a change in your band. It could be from a breakthrough in rehearsal or during a lesson with your vocal coach.

Sparks + Highlights

To help with determining your flash points, think of your career training and activity in terms of highlights. Relax and just free associate as these flash points come to mind. Write down as many positives as you can think of in terms of investments in lessons, products, equipment, training, image, wardrobe, song sets, new material, original material, co-writers – make note of anything that you feel has made a huge difference in helping you become a better singer, performer, songwriter, musician, business person, artist, communicator, storyteller. Consider areas such as self-promotion, networking and marketing. Include the positive impact that has been provided or sparked by the resources here at SingingSuccess.TV. Let your list reflect the full spectrum of light turned on in you by these flash points.

A Personal Thank You

Your next step is to narrow your list (if you wish) to the ones that have had the greatest impact. Note specifically what each flash point has sparked in you with an example of the results that have been generated. Then, note any key individuals that have had a hand in bringing the flash point to light. You must then acknowledge those individuals and thank them personally in some way.

Build On It

To further affirm each of your flash points, determine the next step you must take in order to further develop what each flash point has triggered, changed or opened to advance your career. This must be something specific that you can do, or a clear direction you can move in, to further enhance what has been brought about by each flash point you have identified.

This practice will help to keep you positively focused and open to making changes as necessary. It will also serve to keep you grateful for the support and direction you receive in building your career.

Remember that singing, songwriting, performing, and musicianship are all gifts. Your goal is to make a living out of sharing your gifts. A huge part of your success comes through acknowledging those that nurture, guide, and encourage the full development of your gifts along the way.

Feed The SingingSuccess.TV Forums

Share advice and provide positive feedback for others here at SingingSuccess.TV. Look for ways you can help others improve. Share ideas, tools, and resources. Provide feedback on the products and programs available. Brainstorm with others in the forums about how your gifts can be enhanced by using them to make a positive difference in your community.

Share Your Light

Look for opportunities to perform in places such as nursing homes, homeless shelters, social organizations, senior citizen centers, environmental organizations, hospices, schools, and children’s hospitals. Consider getting involved in any special music events that benefit such causes or organizations in your community. Celebrate your flash points by shedding light on issues that you feel need attention.

So, remember to acknowledge and affirm your progress by identifying key flash points that have had a significant positive impact on moving your career forward. Give thanks to those who have helped spark the flash points. Identify the specific impact of each flash point and what you can do next to shine brighter and blaze trails that lead to your singing success. And continue to be a source of light and focus for others tuning into SingingSuccess.TV!