Growing Your Fan Base

As you pursue your career as a singer it’s of vital importance that you cultivate your very own personal fan base. Don’t wait until you hit it big. Start small and be real and let it grow naturally.

Seek the company of those you know care about you, support your pursuits and want you to succeed. Get together with them to celebrate, brainstorm, get real, refresh and refuel. You’re going to need all that, even on the good days.

Insulate Don’t Isolate

The music business (or the world in general) can be cold and cut-throat. Kindness is often fleeting, fake or forced, and is many times nothing more than calculated schmoozing. I don’t mean to paint such a negative picture, but it is an element you’ll face. The better insulated you are the better you’ll be able to navigate and weather the darker, colder, rougher elements you’ll face in your journey. That’s why you need to have a core support group of people who not only have your back but also a vested interest in your heart and spirit.

So much in our society is impersonal communication. Faster and more efficient does not always mean better. Our quick fixes via texting, instant messages, cell phone chatter and other forms of instant communication can become as unhealthy an addiction as drugs or alcohol. When those forms of communication serve a positive purpose they’re fine. But they often reinforce a sense of isolation.

Face-To-Face Time

Hands on, heart-to-heart, face time with a friend, loved one, or fan of your work will do wonders for feeling connected to life, your craft, art, everything. It will keep you in touch in ways that will help you genuinely grow both your professional and personal life. It’s a huge part of not only survival but thriving in all of your pursuits.

I grew up with parents who didn’t finish high school. My mother was the victim of severe abuse as a child and my father lost his dad when he was a year old and had a physically-challenged brother. There was, understandably, a deficit with knowing how to encouraging others, but they had strong survival skills.

Learn To Encourage

As a kid I often felt bitter or sorry for myself because I wasn’t getting what I needed. But something that I fortunately stumbled upon at a fairly young age – 45 – just kidding – was the power of encouragement.

Because of those somewhat dark circumstances I was drawn to kids that were in a similar situation or worse. I found out that by encouraging them to do better, feel better, try harder, it helped me to do the same.

The strange lesson I learned, and still fumble with from time to time, is that a lot of our core survival needs can be filled by giving of ourselves.

Give Yourself Away

So one sure way to avoid isolation and to keep yourself insulated is to give to others. Think of the gifts of your singing, music, writing, friendship, etc. as only coming to life and realizing its fullest potential when it is extended.

Surround yourself with your core group of support and give from your heart for the sake of making things better.

When you genuinely communicate you break through barriers of isolation, you impact others in a real, personal way, and that reinforces a sense of connection that can make a difference in the life of a friend, stranger, family member, even a fan.

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