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Among the most negative career-threatening traits that are prevalent in any competitive field where public recognition or popularity come into play are envy and jealousy.

If someone gets something that represents a level of success or achievement that you want for yourself, you should celebrate and be happy for that person instead of knocking their accomplishment or making negative statements that imply their path to success was tainted in some way.

No Put Down

In fact, by belittling someone else, you project an even lower opinion of your abilities and can tarnish your reputation, possibly missing out on opportunities that might have otherwise come your way.

Celebrate Achievements of Others

You should make it a practice to rejoice in the successes and accomplishments of others. This will immediately lessen any feelings of envy or jealousy and will also affirm your own self-worth and potential.

Learn From Others

By acknowledging a competitor’s success and achievements you can then gain insight that may help bring focus to your own potential and unique gifts. If someone achieves a level of success that you aspire to, examine their efforts more closely, and see what you can learn from them.

Ask yourself what it is that they have done that you admire. This might even help you see what it is that you want to do more clearly or may even help you to make needed changes or shift your focus in some way.

Subjective Assessment

If you find yourself thinking that someone doesn’t deserve the recognition or award they’ve received, ask yourself what it is specifically that you feel they could have done better. Remember, too, that an assessment of creative endeavor engages many factors that are subjective – unique to the individual talent and the tastes of the individuals that are passing judgment.

Committed to Compete

Resist the temptation to turn your assessment into an argument for why you should have been recognized. Be truthful with yourself about acknowledging any feelings of jealousy or envy that come up on the inside, but don’t vent or voice those feelings to others. Instead, think of it as a reminder that you value your worth, you want recognition, and are committed to finding a niche for your voice-driven career.

Check Your Motivators

If you find that jealousy and envy keep rearing their ugly heads each time you hear of success for one of your peers, it’s time to take a closer look at the motivating factors for your career goals. If this response has become habitual, you might want to review your career focus as well to make sure you’re on the right path and doing what you need to do to pursue your full potential for success and personal satisfaction.

Avoid Negative Attention

If you find that you tend to regroup and refocus each time somebody gets attention, then you clearly have a serious issue. It’s not a bad thing to want to be applauded for your efforts. But, if your main desire is to be the center of attention, you could be setting yourself up for potential disaster. Think of how many examples there are of people that act-out through negative behaviors because they like the attention they receive.

List Traits You Admire

Take time to make a list of those that stir some degree of envy or jealously; and then, note what qualities exist for each that stir these feelings. Look for positive traits and qualities that you aspire to, and develop a plan for improving in these areas.

If the quality or trait is not natural or appropriate for you, counter it by noting strengths and potential that you have that you feel are a key part of what defines your uniqueness in the pursuit of your voice-driven career.

Discuss this issue with members of your mastermind group, support team, mentors, and any of Brett Manning’s certified master associates that you work with on a regular basis.

Uniqueness Makes the Difference

Brett Manning’s teaching and methodology honors each individual’s unique voice. His programs are designed so that the full potential of each individual’s unique gift is honored, encouraged, engaged, and strengthened.

Be grateful for the differences between you and your peers and competition. Those differences help to define and reinforce your uniqueness in the market place and will play a role in what it is about you that makes a difference in determining your success.

Achievements of Others

Use the forums at SingingSuccess.TV to honor the achievements of others and to celebrate the diverse uniqueness of those in the membership community. Talk about issues you’ve had with jealousy or envy, and share your stories on overcoming any negative behaviors that have surfaced in the past.

Gratitude for Your Place

Be thankful for your unique place in the pursuit of your voice-driven career. Look for ways to use the resources and products available at SingingSuccess.TV to help make the most of your unique gifts.

Stand firm in your commitments to bring out the best of what is uniquely you that will establish that place for your personal success in the voice-driven career you have chosen.


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