Hot Tips For A Healthy Summer Season

Once again it’s the season that moves beyond sneezing and wheezing to potential extremes in climate, diet, sleep, and rest. Summer is the season for an increase in travel and opportunities for outdoor recreation. This makes you more vulnerable to possible colds, infections, and allergies.

You’re almost more susceptible to overexposure to the sun, wind, and environmental pollutants and irritants. All of this has the potential to seriously threaten the quality of your vocal performance and weaken your overall vocal health. But, don’t panic! You don’t have to go into hiding. You just have to take preventative measures to optimize your overall health and well being.

Rest Is Best

As Brett Manning has said many times, rest above all else will cure any vocal ailments, including allergies and irritation from exposure to environmental irritants and changes in climate due to travel.

Think of how many times, even after a relatively short flight, your head is all stuffy, your eyes are itching, your nose is burning, and your throat is beginning to feel itchy and scratchy. Rest and proper diet goes a long way toward shortening the impact of quick travel, climate change, and exposure to the elements.

Water Wise To Vocalize

Summer is also the time for air conditioning and being in environments where the filters may not be working that well, where air quality may vary from room to room or venue to venue, and you may be exposed to a variety of temperature extremes and additional irritants. So, drink up!

That’s right. Drink more water. Brett advises increasing hydration through your intake of water, along with herbal teas such as mint or cinnamon. He also advises keeping some vocal spray handy to provide relief for dryness and soreness in the throat and to fend off any hoarseness or scratchiness in the voice.

If you know you’ll be traveling more frequently or for a longer period of time that you’re used to, rest and increase in fluids will help your system adjust to the changes with less irritation in your immune and nervous systems.

Healthy Diet: Ditch The Processed

A healthy diet is also vital to promoting and maintaining optimal vocal health and overall well being. It will help you avoid fatigue and burnout, increase stamina, and allow you to quickly recover after an especially stressful day of travel, meetings, or through several days of studio sessions or bookings on the road.

In Michael Pollan’s book, Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual, he points out that one of the biggest drawbacks to the Western diet is its reliance on processed foods, refined grains, increased fats, surplus of sugars, lots of meats and virtually no vegetables. He points out the increase in cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. No doubt allergies are increased because the immune system is likely working harder because it’s under attack.

His book offers 64 simple, fundamental rules that can be easily followed that will get you eating healthier and lessening the frequency and severity of bouts with allergies, colds, and any side effects of summer fun and travel.

Be Natural To Be Your Best

Brett recommends natural products that work with the body’s systems to help promote healthy function and harmony. In addition to herbal teas, he recommends using the all natural liquid sweetener Stevia as an alternative to processed or refined sugars.

Essential Oil is also recommended because of its natural properties that work to cool and refresh the body while soothing muscles and is both cool and refreshing. Balm is also recommended to soothe and relieve soreness in the muscles while refreshing the body and spirit.

Protect Yourself

He also suggests that Citric C be used to enhance the body’s defense system because of its naturally occurring antioxidants and fortifying properties. To fight off colds and allergies he encourages the use of two products that enhance the body’s natural defenses, Conco and Prime Again.

Always keep a face mask handy to cover your nose and mouth should you be in an area where you know you’ll be temporarily exposed to pollutants and irritants. It’s better to put on the most and feel a little out of place instead of grinning and bearing the exposure and then suffering the consequences.

Summing Up In The Sun

So get more rest, drink more fluids, use natural supplements that enhance your body’s defenses, eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid processed foods, refined grains, and sugars. Your body will thank and your voice will sing praises at its richest range and fullest potential.

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