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People have been coming from every continent to become certified by the world’s best vocal coach, Brett Manning. His passion for teaching voice has caused Brett to extend his BMA certification program to you. The BMA certification Program is an intensive educational program that trains, equips, and certifies singers and vocal coaches to teach the Brett Manning Vocal Method. It is tuition based vocal training to be completed at your own pace.

Passing the BMA Program not only gives you the right to teach the Brett Manning method, it opens doors in the music community unfathomable through other means of vocal instruction. As a certified associate you may use the BMS logo, as well as Brett Manning’s name and image for your own promotional vocal training materials. You will receive access to the BMA Online Forum “BMA Worldwide”, where you can network with other BMAs. To top it all, you will receive discounts on Singing Success products!

Brett Manning’s certification process comes in two legs. The Brett Manning Master Associate (BMMA) teaches at BMS and trains other BMA enrolled coaches. These fall into a select hand-picked group termed “BMMA”. The second leg is the Brett Manning Associate (BMA). The “BMA” is a Brett Manning certified coach who has completed the BMA program and is actively teaching the Brett Manning Method.

APPLICATION: It is highly recommended that you complete Brett Manning’s Singing Success before applying for BMA Program admittance!
Anyone interested in applying for admittance into the BMA Program must submit the following: A video recording of applicant singing 3 songs of contrasting styles. These may be sung acapella, with a backing track, or live instrument. This MUST be a live video recording – no artificial enhancements or vocal correction is allowed. Submission of this singing exercise video recording may be in the form of a DVD mailed to BMS or posted on the Internet via YouTube.
BMA Program Application download
$300 non-refundable application fee
Applicant must pass Stage 1 before being eligible for Stage 2 of the Brett Manning Associate program.

INTERVIEW: Applicant must pass a 30 minute interview with Brett Manning to be accepted into the BMA Program. This may be in person or over the Internet via Skype. Applicant must be prepared to sing 3 songs of contrasting styles during interview (Stage 1 application songs may be used again in Stage 2)
Interviews done over Skype must be with a camera. Phone interviews and Skype interviews with no camera will not be allowed.

CURRICULUM : Once accepted into the BMA Program, the trainee will be responsible for completing a series of core requirements including vocal sessions, observations, and teaching hours.

For a more detailed description of this amazing vocal opportunity, or to start your journey into the world of premiere vocal coaching, visit our BMS FAQ page

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