Invest In Brett’s Top 7 Vocal Exercises

Whether your focus is singing, acting, motivational speaking, or broadcast journalism; if you’re pursuing success in a voice-driven career, it is critical that you invest in effective training. You want to learn proper techniques and methods for not only strengthening your voice but also for promoting

vocal health.

Quick Changes – Lasting Impact

Brett Manning's Top 7 Vocal ExercisesWith Brett Manning’s teaching you learn quick, effective exercises that will have a lasting, positive impact on your voice. His methods will boost your confidence, control, and competence as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, musical performer, actress, actor, stand up comedian, public information officer, broadcast journalist, motivational speaker. Whatever the design for your voice-driven career pursuits, Brett will help you access your very best.

Avoid Poor Technique – Bad Habits

With Brett’s guidance, you also avoid having to kick nasty habits and improper techniques that many singers, actors, and speakers develop when they first start out. Many of these habits and techniques repeatedly strain or compromise the vocal cords, and can cause permanent damage or diminish your potential. Bad habits and poor technique will severely limit your chances for success and can be career-ending. By using improper techniques for singing and strengthening the voice, you can easily end your voice-driven career because you simply didn’t know any better.

Strengthen Vocal Health

Repeated abuse from improper technique and bad habits can damage muscles and cause nodes to form on the vocal folds. Corrective surgery can cause additional scar tissue, and complete recovery may not be possible. But, this scenario can be avoided by learning proper techniques, exercises, and vocal health tips available through Brett Manning’s programs, and through coaching sessions with his stable of certified master associates.

Everyone from first time singers and speakers to seasoned performers and broadcast journalists have noted improvement in their vocal range and control after their very first session with one of Brett’s associates. And these quickly affirming, positive results provide a lasting, strong foundation, as you develop solid technique and grow more comfortable and confident as you apply what you learn from the exercises.

Targeted Exercises

Brett Manning's Top 7 Vocal ExercisesBrett Manning’s Top 7 Vocal Exercises is a great program for helping you to identify which exercises are the most effective for enhancing and strengthening your unique voice. This program will help you learn to properly apply proven techniques used in Brett’s Singing Success program.

The video begins with Brett’s focus on the need to first make the voice pliable. He offers three simple and easy exercises that make the voice flexible and ready for warming up. You learn how to effortlessly eliminate pressure and rigidness before you launch into any scales or get into exercises.

Master Techniques

You’ll quickly begin to master fundamental techniques such as lip trills and tongue drills while going through all the exercises with Brett. You’ll be able to gauge what you’re doing wrong or right, as Brett guides you through this program. This Top 7 program is a great introductory tool for beginners, as well as a reliable refresher for longtime students of Brett Manning’s programs such as Mastering Mix and Singing Success.

Flexibility – Understanding

Correct engagement of targeted exercises will provide reinforcement for proper preparation, as well as proficiency in technique. With Brett’s guidance, you will gain more confidence as you tap into the power and flexibility of your voice based on understanding, not just repetition.

Compression to Resonance

You’ll learn how to find compression, and keep just the right amount of cord closure to maximize your efficiency while tackling those high notes. Brett understands that finding the mix is something that even the best singers have difficulty with. So, you’ll learn how much chest voice you can use as you move up through the mix to achieve optimum balance. And, you’ll also discover how to build your head voice and resonance to not only strengthen both but release the sound simultaneously.

Varied Conditioning

Brett teaches the ultimate exercises for approaching your unique voice from many different angles. These exercises work together to reinforce each other. In order to make a great sound, the voice needs to be conditioned in a variety of places, even if the pitches are the same. Brett also offers the most effective methods for releasing tension in the neck and throat.

What Uniquely Yours

Remember that Brett’s methods are designed to bring out the very best in what is uniquely you. His teaching is not trickery. He opens up and does not cover up. His approach celebrates the full potential of each color, nuance, notion, and texture in the grand design of your uniquely gifted voice.

Make a Bundle

If you’re looking to add variety to your weekly or monthly practice routine, you might also consider adding The Top 7 Secrets of the Super-High Mix Voice, by Jesse Nemitz, along with The Top 7 Commercial Singing Secrets by Dave Brooks. These programs, along with Brett’s Top 7 Vocal Exercises, are available separately here at Singing Success or at a special rate for a Top 7 bundle of the three programs.

Extra Critical Focus

This series of Top 7 programs is designed to help you give extra focus to your voice in critical areas where there is often the greatest demand. Imagine setting aside a portion of each week’s practice to explore the 7 commercial singing secrets. Then, take what you’ve learned in that program, along with what you’ve gained with Brett’s targeted exercises, and apply it to your next live gig, audition, speaking engagement, talent competition, or studio session.

Feeding Forums

Use the forums at SingingSuccess.TV to talk about the exercises that you find most effective for addressing specific challenges you face. Compare notes with others on the results you achieve. Talk about the improvements you’ve noted, as well as any changes you’ve made in terms of getting rid of bad habits and refining your technique.

Giving Gifts

Brett Manning’s Top 7 Vocal Exercises is the perfect, affordable birthday present or holiday gift for introducing a friend to Brett’s teaching. Think of the positive impact this gift will have in terms of confidence, competence, comfort, and quality of performance. It’s not only a gift that keeps on giving – it’s a living testimony to getting better, growing stronger, and making the most out of your unique gift of the human voice!